'Chichi Wang' on Serious Eats

Dear Slice: Sac's Place Follow-up

The "Mama's Special" at Sac's Place in Astoria. [Photographs: Chichi Wang] Also in Astoria Forno Italia, Ditmars & 43rd St. » Michael Angelo's II, 23rd Ave. » Rose & Joe's, 31st St. nr Ditmars » Rizzo's, Steinway near 30th Ave. » Yesterday, Chichi Wang asked for some advice on what to get at the coal-oven-havin' Sac's Place in Astoria. Today, she emails with a follow-up: So we ended up getting the Mama's Special pie—the one with the San Marzano tomatoes.Happy to report that there weren't any sogginess issues. Crust stayed dry on the bottom with a nice char; no... More

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