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Chicago Gourmet 2010: Outstanding Food Made the Long Lines Worth It

For the second consecutive year, Chicago Gourmet brought together a staggering collection of some of Chicago's best chefs along with an impressive array of alcohol manufacturers and full days of cooking demonstrations. While there were some logistical problems that resulted in inexcusably long lines at times, the variety and quality of food made the waits well worth it. More

Chicago Gourmet: A Can't Miss Culinary Celebration

"Chicago Gourmet is much more than an all-you-can eat gourmet food fest." [Photographs: Daniel Zemans and Lori Torres] When Sheila O'Grady became the new head of the Illinois Restaurant Association (IRA) in 2007, better days for Chicago's already thriving restaurant scene were inevitable. The year before, the IRA was so weak that it was powerless to stop the Chicago City Council from infamously banning foie gras. But O'Grady, who previously spent over four years as chief of staff to Mayor Richard Daley, brought the organization instant credibility and influence. A year into O'Grady's tenure, the ban was lifted, but she and Mayor Daley had a lot more in mind. Early in her tenure at the IRA, she and the mayor... More

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