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Video: Chez Pim's Super Easy Pie or Tart Dough

"Everybody should have a go-to pie dough or tart dough that they do in their sleep," says Pim Techamuanvivit (aka Chez Pim), who recently came out with a cookbook called The Foodie Handbook. Here she shows us her go-to, which really does look ridiculously easy. Making a pie crust from scratch always sounds intimidating but this approach is more like playing with Play Doh that happens to turn into a deliciously flaky, buttery crust. (And you can do it straight on the countertop. No bowl required.) Pim finishes it off with frangipagne (she blends the almonds herself, avoiding almond meal) and fruit for a rustic galette. Become a pie dough expert in four minutes, after the jump.... More

Blogwatch: Chez Pim's 15-Minute Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe

Chez Pim Uber-food blogger Pim Techamuanvivit has a great little recipe for a super-quick garden-fresh tomato sauce on Chez Pim. She says: It's so simple I didn't even think to blog about it, until David brought it up last week. It's too easy, I told him. That's why you should do it, he said. It's simple but fantastic. Plus, he liked the little trick I do with the tomato pulp, keeping it fresh while reducing the juices to a proper thickness for the sauce. I should definitely blog this, he insisted. And blog it, she did. Go get your sauce on.... More

Truffle Hunter Marthe Delon And Her Pig Kiki

Pim's just posted a great entry on Marthe Delon, the legendary truffle hunter and pig trainer, and her Kiki: "From what I gathered, Mme.Delon got her first pig the year she was married, and over sixty years later she is still hunting truffles and training generation after generation of pigs –one each year, and each one given the same name, Kiki. She said she couldn't be bothered remembering the names of them all, so she just called them Kiki. Easy enough, yes?"... More

Menu for Hope III Winners

Foodblogger Pim Techamuanvivit recently announced the winners of the Menu for Hope raffle on her site, Chez Pim. Serious Eats donated two prizes to the fund-raiser, and now it's time to put our money where our big grinning mouth is. ACrans: Congrats! You've won the dinner for four at Mozza! Bon appétit, friend! We'll contact Mozza and relay pertinent info to you. A. J. Kinik: Meet Ed and me with an empty stomach and some comfortable shoes. We're going on a New York pizza tour with you and three of your friends! We'll be in touch about logistics and timing. Congrats to the winners of all the other wonderful prizes, too, and thanks to everyone who participated in the raffle,... More

More than $60K in Menu for Hope III

Menu for Hope, a charity fund-raiser that's become a yearly year-end thing for foodbloggers, managed to stir up $60,925.12 in its latest incarnation. The proceeds will go to the United Nations World Food Programme. If you bought a raffle ticket for one (or more) of the tasty prizes, winners will be announced January 15 on Chez Pim. Many thanks to the Serious Eaters out there who threw in for our dinner at Mozza in Los Angeles or our guided pizza tour in New York. And of course, many thanks to MFH creator Pim Techamuanvivit and to all the other cooks with their fingers in the charity pie.... More

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