'Cheez Whiz' on Serious Eats

A Sandwich a Day: Cheesesteak at Chink's Steaks in Philadelphia

the Chink's steak wit onions and Cheez Whiz came out oozing. Gingerly seared onions—browned, grease-kissed corners but still crunchy—cascaded over top of the Whiz. (Though some prefer provolone, the liquidy Whiz can actually penetrate through each layer and crevasse of ribboned, gooey steak—this is key.) A soft, but mildly crusty hero roll keeps this cheesesteak's contents structurally sound. More

Hot Dog of the Week: Nicky and Pete's

I'm not going to say Nicky & Pete's is officially my new favorite hot dog joint in Philadelphia, but the next time someone asks me where to go for hot dogs here, I'm sending them on a trip to 64th Street. They do the whole nine yards as far as Philly sandwiches go—hoagies, cheesesteaks, breaded chicken cutlet with longhots and sharp provolone, homemade meatballs. But what really knocked me out is the serious hot dog menu. They're cooking them up Philly-style with Dietz & Watson dogs split and grilled, served on club rolls. More

Hot Dog Of The Week: Texas Tommy

"Philly is greatly underrepresented in the hot dog history books." [Original art and photography: Hawk Krall] Past Weeks' Dogs Philly Dirty Water DogChicago DogDetroit ConeysSeattle StyleHalf-Smoke This week we take a look at another Philadelphia hot dog—one that seems to have slipped through the cracks of hot dog history. Popular with 1950s housewives and on almost every greasy spoon menu in Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, and South Jersey, the Texas Tommy is a grilled and split hot dog loaded with bacon and lots of cheese. Other condiments are optional but not necessary. The earliest Texas Tommys were wrapped in bacon before being cooked and grilled, or deep-fried like they used to make them at The Cup in Pottstown, Pennsylvania (now closed).... More

Hot Dog of the Week: 24-Hour Dog

"While many folks wouldn't touch a gas station hot dog with a ten-foot pole, it inspires a cult-like following for others." Past Weeks' Dogs Slaw DogPuka DogThe Philly ComboTijuana DogsTexas WeinersFlo's Hot Dogs Over the last few weeks we've highlighted some fascinating regional hot dogs. But for most of us, eating a hot dog does not mean traveling halfway across the country to a roadside stand in a half-abandoned coal mining town. This week's dog is a style that many will be familiar with, possibly more so than we'd like to admit. While the object of much ridicule--the term "gas station hot dog" being a common euphemism for anything on the bottom of the culinary barrel--the 24-Hour Dog can be... More

Hot Dog Of The Week: Philly Combo

Note: Please welcome Hawk Krall, a Philly-based illustrator who will be chiming in with his hot dog wisdom and original artwork on a regular basis. Take it away, Hawk! The Philly Combo is a hot dog variation unique to the Philadelphia area. Believed to have originated at Levis Hot Dogs, which was open between 1895 and 1992 on 6th and South Streets, this kosher-inspired concoction consists of an all-beef hot dog and a potato fish cake topped with mustard and onions. Moe's Hot Dogs here in Philly still serves up this classic, and even has Levis Champ Cherry soda to wash it down. Over the years, variations have evolved including the addition of pepper hash or pepper cabbage, a Pennsylvania... More

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