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Sugar Rush: Pignoli Cookie at Paradox Pastry, Charlottesville, VA

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 4 comments

The display case at Paradox Pastry is extremely inviting, with mini pies (buttermilk and lemon meringue when I was there), scones, muffins, and a serious looking Virginia Peanut Butter Mousse Torte. I wanted something relatively light to hold me over until brunch, so I went to the selection of (actually not small at all) cookies. The Pignoli Cookie ($2) was recommended to me—and I'm so very glad it was. More

10 Favorite Sips and Bites from Virginia Cider Week

Drinks Chris Lehault 1 comment

This week's Virginia Cider Week is the first time the community has come together to officially claim their presence in the emerging American cider scene. Check out our slideshow to see all that the South's most predominant cider region has to offer. More

Charlottesville, VA: Plenty of Right Answers at Boylan Heights

A Hamburger Today An AHT Field Agent 3 comments

Today's reader recommendation comes from Adam Nettina of food review blog GrubGrade. He's also previously written a review of Devils Backbone Brewing Company in Roseland, Virginia. Thanks, Adam! If anyone else wants to share some burger intel, here's how to... More

Jinx's Pit's Top Barbecue in Charlottesville, VA: The Best Pork Sandwich I've Ever Had

Chichi Wang 23 comments

Jinx's Pit's Top Barbecue in Charlottesville, Virginia, fulfills our deepest dreams of the ramshackle Southern barbecue joint, where pork reigns supreme and the air is thick with hardwood smoke. More

Photo of the Day: The Motor Burger from The White Spot in Charlottesville, Virginia

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 12 comments

[Photograph: Tom Daly] From photographer Tom Daly comes the hefty Motor Burger from beloved greasy spoon The White Spot in Charlottesville, Virginia. The double cheeseburger is topped with a fried egg and a thick slice of country ham. Hats... More

Most Expensive Burger in the U.S. in Dubuque, Iowa?

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee Post a comment

Average burger, that is. The Telegraph Herald says that in the latest ACCRA Cost of Living Index, Dubuque, Iowa, was found to have the highest average burger price in the country at $4.29, compared to the national average of $3.12.... More

Photo of the Day: Boring Burrito

Robyn Lee 3 comments

Ordering a boring burrito at Charlottesville, Virginia's Aqui Es Mexico would be pretty sad considering that its other mouthwatering burrito offerings include beef tongue, fried pork, and lamb, but it's listed on the children's menu mostly to appease picky young eaters. Adults, don't even think about it.... More

Where's the Beef: Virginia

A Hamburger Today Adam Kuban 14 comments

Digging into the A Hamburger Today mailbag finds this awesome piece of correspondence from Drew H. in Virginia. He writes: Dear AHT, I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed the site over the last few years. It's been wonderful—I've... More

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