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Um, Yeah, That's Not Really Pizza--Or a Burger

Not the "Burger Pie," but probably about as appetizing. Photograph from Hell to the Yeah, Son! on Flickr Laura Hoopes at the Christian Science Monitor recalls growing up pizza-deprived in Charlotte, North Carolina: I had never heard of pizza when Jeanne first mentioned it, so I asked my mom if she knew what it was. She said no, but she had read about it in a recent magazine article. She took the magazine out and we read that it was a pie with tomato sauce, some kind of meat, and cheese.Mom said she would try to make one. She... More

Dear Slice: Peter Reinhart's New Pizzeria

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got an email that's been sitting in my tips jar for far too long. Apologies to Kyle, who sent it in, and to you folks reading this. I should have passed this info along sooner. Hi Adam, Just wanted to pass along a little article that I saw in the Charlotte Observer regarding a new pizza joint headed by [renown baker and author of American Pie] Peter Reinhart, among others. It looks like it opened up [early September], but I haven't been able to find too much information about it yet. I'd... More

Southern Belly: Price's Chicken Coop in Charlotte, North Carolina

Editor's note: Occasionally what looks at first glance to be a conventional guidebook transcends the genre in surprising ways. John T. Edge's Southern Belly is just such a read, which is why I'm pleased that he has allowed us to excerpt selected items from it on Serious Eats, where they appear every other week. —Ed Levine By John T. Edge | Thinly battered, well-salted deep-fried chicken, dumped unceremoniously from cook baskets and served with hushpuppies, coleslaw, a marshmallowy white bread roll, and a jumble of so-called Tater Rounds. That's what you get when you quit the more well-traveled and gentrified precincts of Charlotte's Uptown neighborhood for this South End favorite, in business since 1948 as a chicken market, since 1952... More

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