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Cook the Book: White Asparagus Salad

Today's Cook the Book recipe, excerpted from Wine Bar Food, calls for—gasp!—jarred asparagus. While that may seem strange given the current abundance of fresh spring produce, hear me out: these aren't any old canned vegetables. Jarred white asparagus is a... More

Cook the Book: Wine Bar Food

When it comes paring food with wine, cheese is just the beginning. All over Europe, in cities like Seville, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Athens, wine bars match native grapes with small dishes made from local ingredients. Perfect for afternoon or after-work, these plates are straightforward, robust, and meant to be shared. In Wine Bar Food, this week's Cook the Book selection, Cathy Mantuano and Tony Mantuano, award-winning chef of Chicago's Spiaggia, show you how to recreate these rustic Mediterranean dishes in your own kitchen, and offer tips on choosing interesting, affordable bottles. Don't worry if your supermarket's international aisle leaves much to be desired—these recipes are more about fun and flavor than exacting authenticity. Pour yourself a glass and get cooking!... More

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