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Joe & Pat's

Slice Ed Levine 2 comments

Giuseppe Pappalardo, an owner of Joe & Pat's in Castleton Corners, Staten Island, mastered his craft at three legendary Staten Island slice establishments: Nunzio's, Ciro's, and Tokie's. His slices are distinguished by a superbly thin, crisp crust. "They're easier to digest," he says, "so you can eat a lot of them." And believe me, I do. Giuseppe's son Angelo has now joined him at the pizzeria. He's a serious chef whose last stop was at Esca in Manhattan. I'm sure he'll do wonders for all the other food at Joe & Pat's. The only way he could improve the... More

Joe & Pat's

Slice Adam Kuban 7 comments

Two Oafs By Sea: Slice's Adam K. and E-Rock made a trip out to Staten Island on Saturday to visit Joe & Pat's, one of the borough's better-known pizzerias. Joe & Pat's neon sign (top left). E-Rock sneaks a beer aboard the S62 (top right). Joe & Pat's amazingly thin plain pie (above). Joe & Pat's, on Victory Boulevard (right), is easy to get to by bus. words and photos by adam k. .::. Taking advantage of what may well have been one of the last halfway decent weekends of the year, Slice roving reporter E-Rock and I took... More

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