'Cary Steiner' on Serious Eats

My Pie Monday: Cary Steiner's Margherita Pizza from the International School of Pizza in SF

[Photograph: Cary Steiner/Passion-4-Pizza.com] Cary Steiner of Passion-4-Pizza sends this one in: I made this pizza on day two of Tony Gemignani's pizza class in San Francisco, in the wonderful 900°F oven at Tony's Pizza Napoletana. It's a 'reasonably' traditional Margherita: San Felice '00' flour, fior di latte mozzarella, wonderful tomatoes (I won't tell you what kind! I won't!), and basil. The pizza was in the oven for 90 seconds—OK, maybe 93. You had already linked to the story at http://www.passion-4-pizza.com/tony-gemignani.html, so please don't feel compelled to link; I'm just really proud of this pie! Yeah, I did link to... More

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