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Hangover Helper: Oxtail Gravy and Biscuits at Beuchert's Saloon in Washington, DC

Drinks Brian Oh 2 comments

The boys behind the newly opened Prohibition-era inspired diner Beuchert's Saloon know a thing or two about hangovers. More

Philly-Style Pretzels at The Pretzel Bakery in D.C.

Brian Oh 3 comments

For those that haven't had many quality Philly-style pretzels before, one bite from The Pretzel Bakery in D.C. and you'll never look at Auntie Anne's the same way again. Owner Sean Haney brings his small neighborhood pretzel shop to the Capitol Hill neighborhood. More

Working on Economic Bailout, Capitol Hill Disagrees on Take-Out

Erin Zimmer 20 comments

No all-nighter on the Hill outlining a proposed $700 billion bailout would be complete without take-out. Last night, when members of the House and Senate met to put a Band-Aid on the financial bust, they had pretty different take-out orders, as the New York Times reports. On the House side, there was pizza and for the Senate, Thai food. Sarah DiGregorio at the Village Voice would rather be in the Senate (clearly a lemon grass lover). But maybe the pepperoni fan in you prefers Pelosi's people. Which side are you on?... More

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