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Daily Slice: Pinocchio's, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Slice Meredith Smith 9 comments

The go-to slice in Cambridge since 1966 has been the square Sicilian at Pinocchio's. For many, these slices serve primarily to curb late night Harvard Square hunger. Experience has taught me that some pizza doesn't taste quite as delicious at 12 p.m. as it does at 12 a.m. The Sicilian slices at Pinocchio's, however, are equally good on either side of twelve. More

United States of Pizza: Massachusetts

Slice Meredith Smith 41 comments

Massachusetts is a demographic melting pot from which a myriad of pizza micro-cultures have sprung. Just driving twenty minutes can land you in bar pie, sweet sauce, beach pizza, or sauce-on-top territory. Many of the best pizzerias in the state are longstanding neighborhood places that have been sustained over generations by the same family. Find those spots, and you've found what Massachusetts pizza is all about. More

Cambridge, Massachusetts: Otto

Slice Andrew Janjigian 8 comments

The Maine-based mini-chain Otto has opened a tiny storefront shop right in the heart of Harvard Square. In keeping with the space's diminutive size, the focus here is on slices (mainly for take out, given the single stool that sits almost mockingly in the front window). More

Cambridge, Massachusetts: Cambridge, 1

Slice Andrew Janjigian 17 comments

Cambridge, 1 is located in the heart of Harvard Square, in what used to be the the city's original firehouse, with a recently-opened second location in Boston's Fenway neighborhood. Appropriately enough for a former fire station, this hip, minimalist bar, as popular with the locals as it is with Harvard glitterati, serves pizzas grilled over a charcoal fire. More

Cambridge, Massachusetts: Armando's Pizza Isn't the New York-Style Pie You've Been Looking For

Slice Andrew Janjigian 11 comments

Armando's Pizza on Huron Avenue, just a short walk outside of Harvard Square in Cambridge, is quite popular among Boston pizza enthusiasts. It is so well-loved that people rave about it while in line to order their pies. But we put it to the test, and we weren't completely impressed. More

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