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Weekend Book Giveaway: 'Cake Wrecks'

[Image: Amazon] Is it possible for cakes to be so bad they're good? Yes, yes it is. And thanks to Jen Yates, we don't have to wait for a baby shower or bat mitzvah invitation to see them. Back in May of 2008, Yates started the blog Cake Wrecks, an online museum of badly-rendered Disney princesses, gratuitous quotation marks, carrot-riding babies, and other wrecky cake artwork by professional bakers. This week, the book version of the frosting debauchery, Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong, went on sale and it's full of 75-percent never-before-seen material. Thanks to the good folks at Andrews McMeel Publishing, we have five (5) copies of to give away. All you have to do... More

Cake Wrecks, The Book: An Interview with Creator Jen Yates

"The classic Wrecks are those that are misspelled, misunderstood, or trying way too hard to be creative." Since May of 2008, Jen Yates has been documenting moldy feet, pregnant bellies, and misplaced apostrophes spotted on cakes on her wildly popular blog Cake Wrecks. Very quickly, Jen has made a career out of ridiculous cakes. Her new blook (blog-turned-book?) Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong comes out on October 1, and features a bunch of brand-new content. Yes, that means more creepy baby cakes! We chatted with Jen about the Cake Wrecks concept, what holidays are most wreckable, and more. So, let's start at the beginning. The Cake Wrecks creation story. It quite literally began with "The Cake That... More

2009 Bloggies' Food-Blog Winners

Each year, the web's best blogs are highlighted at the Weblog Awards at the South By Southwest Interactive Conference. Winners were announced yesterday. The full list is available on the Bloggies website, but here are the food-related winners. Lots of multiple winners this year. Best Food Weblog: Cake Wrecks [Read the rest, after the jump.]... More

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