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Slow-Cooker Leftover Turkey and Andouille Gumbo

Slow cooker turkey and andouille gumbo starts with sautéed veggies and a simple roux that's cooked until toasty on the stove. After broth is added it's transferred for a long simmer, one where Worcestershire sauce provides umami and depth and Louisiana-style hot sauce offers heat and tang. Meanwhile, background notes come from bay leaves and thyme, and its signature flavor arrives courtesy of smoked sausage, Cajun seasoning, and cayenne. More

Must-Visit in New Orleans: Cochon

Donald Link's Cochon is at the top of our New Orleans recommendation list. After feasting through the city that never stops partying, we've concluded that bite for bite, it's among the most delicious food that Nola has to offer. More

Date Night: Bayou on Staten Island

Bayou takes the New Orleans theme far, maybe too far, with Louis Armstrong's entire oeuvre looping on the stereo and movie posters for NOLA-set classics like Mardis Gras Massacre adorning the walls. But as the candles flick shadows across the brick walls and "A Kiss to Build a Dream On" starts up, you remember just what a sexy city New Orleans is. More

Honeychiles in Williamsburg: Bar Food In The Best of Ways

As this review goes to press (are we allowed to use that term, here in Internet-land?), I'll be on a plane back to New York from New Orleans, my second trip in six weeks, part of a gloriously futile effort to sample all of the Crescent City's best eats in the name of researching the upcoming Serious Eats book. And one of the things I'm struck by, when I visit the city, is how its offerings truly span the economic spectrum. Sure, there's fine dining to be had—but there are also life-changing $8 fried chicken plates and $6 po' boys that will ruin you for all other sandwiches. It's in this tradition of cheap, satisfying fare that Honeychiles, a Cajun food counter inside divey Williamsburg punk bar The Charleston, opened a few months ago. More

Staten Island Eats: Bayou

If the original Bayou on Staten Island was an eclectic Bourbon Street bar, the newly renovated restaurant is now a stately, elegant French Quarter establishment. A mini Galatoire in New York City's southernmost borough. Elegant mirrors and chandeliers, fleur-de-lis... More

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