'Cadbury' on Serious Eats

McDonald's in the UK: Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry and Mozzarella Dippers

What can the Brits munch on that Americans can't at the Golden Arches? For the most part, the menu is quite similar. There's the Quarter Pounder, the McNuggets, and the fries are even called fries, not "chips." But there are a few things that you won't find in an American McDonald's—among them, a Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry and Mozzarella Sticks. (Actually, they're called "Mozzarella Dippers.") More

Cakespy: Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict

Can Eggs Benedict be recreated in a totally sweet form? You bet your bottom silver dollar pancake: say hello to Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict. It's made of stacks of doughnut, brownie, melty Creme Eggs (complete with oozing yolk!), and a topping of rich frosting, all accompanied by a mound of fried pound cake to give the effect of side potatoes. More

In Videos: Cadbury Eyebrows Dance Commercial

How does a video of two kids performing a synchronized eyebrow dance sell Cadbury milk chocolate? Hell if I know. But I just increased their brand awareness, so I guess it's working. If you think you have eyebrow-dancing chops, sign up for Cadbury's Jivebrow 09. Watch the video after the jump.... More

In Videos: Cadbury's Smash Mashed Potatoes Commercial with Martians (1970s)

Any commercial with creepily laughing Martians automatically gets an A+ in my book, especially when they're laughing at the way humans take potatoes and "smash them all to bits." How silly us humans must look. They may think we're primitive, but at least we have opposable thumbs; they just flail around with pincers. Watch this commercial for Cadbury's Smash mashed potatoes after the jump.... More

In Videos: Suicidal Cadbury Creme Egg Commercials

Cadbury's latest ad campaign for their Creme Eggs shows the eggs using creative methods to release their creamy innards because "Creme Eggs only want one thing: to let their goo out." I see this more as a collection of ideas for how to commit suicide if you're a Creme Egg, but maybe the eggs continue to live on even after they've been smashed and sliced and...um...maybe not. Watch the candy carnage after the jump.... More

Cadbury Mini Egg Nest Cookies

I love Nosheteria's cute and delicious Cadbury Mini Egg nest cookies for Easter. I found a recipe for thumbprint cookies here, used ground pecans rather than ground walnut pieces, and simply omitted the jam placing a Mini Egg or two into the center of each cookie. The cookies were dense, rich with butter, and not too sweet, the perfect compliment to the chocolatey candy of the Mini Eggs. Related: Not Martha's taste comparison of US Mini Eggs (Hershey under license from Cadbury) to Canadian Mini Eggs (Cadbury Chocolate, Toronto).... More

Cadbury Royal Dark Mini Eggs

Candyblog reminds us that Easter candies are now on store shelves by reviewing one of Cadbury's latest offerings, the Royal Dark Mini Eggs: "The little chalky looking eggs are a smidge darker on the outside, more vibrant than the Cadbury Mini Eggs and don’t have any speckles. Even though they’re dark chocolate (well, there’s a little milkfat in there) they smell particularly milky to me, or at least freakishly sweet but with a smoky chocolate undertone."... More

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