'CTB: The Breakaway Cook' on Serious Eats

Cook the Book: Spicy Corn Salad

Corn salads are one of my favorite dishes to serve in the summer, when freshly picked corn is readily available just about everywhere. Eric Gower's is particularly full-flavored and zesty, perhaps because of the habanero pepper he throws in. If... More

Cook the Book: 'The Breakaway Cook'

I must admit I had never heard of The Breakaway Cook or its author Eric Gower before fellow Serious Eater Alaina Browne told me about them. And I must admit I was skeptical about any book that has the following subtitle: Recipes That Break Away from the Ordinary. But when I took the book home and read it, damn if there weren't recipes I wanted to cook on just about every page. Gower's recipes are simple, easy to follow, and incredibly appealing. As usual, thanks to the good folks at William Morrow Cookbooks, we are giving away ten (10) copies here on Serious Eats. To enter, just tell us what one ingredient you have discovered that's taken your cooking to... More

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