'CTB: Peace Love and Barbecue' on Serious Eats

Cook the Book Giveaway: 'Peace, Love, and Barbecue'

This week, to honor our barbecue brethren cooking at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, we are giving away five (5) copies of championship pit master and yarn-spinner Mike Mills's terrific book Peace, Love, and Barbecue. (Shout-out to Mike's daughter and co-author, Amy Mills Tunnicliffe, and Rodale Press for supplying the books). Peace, Love, and Barbecue is part novelized memoir, part cookbook, part barbecue primer, and all wonderful to read for both pleasure and info. The five recipes we are going to run on Serious Eats include some legendary barbecue preparations never before published in any book. I was going to say I don't know how Mike talked some of these folks into giving him their recipes, but then I... More

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