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3 Initiatives Improving Food Access in Food Deserts

Addressing the needs of those living in food deserts is a constant project of food security organizations and activists across the country. So, what's being done to fix this problem? Here are three cool ways that initiatives are finding ways to get fresh foods into underserved areas. More

The Crisper Whisperer: 4 Ways to Use Lettuce (Other Than Salad)

If you grow your own lettuce, belong to a CSA, or sometimes get a little grabby at the farmers' market, chances are you'll end up with too much lettuce at some point from now through October. The good news is that although lettuce maintains a clean-cut, "just the salad, thank you" veneer in polite company, she's not the least bit afraid to take a couple of turns around the pan behind closed doors. When you just can't eat another bite of salad, try these delicious cooked alternatives. More

The Crisper Whisperer: 10 Secrets for Making the Most of Your CSA

As the growing season hits its stride, the sheer magnitude of freshness delivered by a good CSA, farmers' market, or garden can start to overwhelm busy people with lives to lead. The good news is that with a little weekly preparation and planning and a few simple strategies, you'll rarely have a week where you can't use or freeze your whole haul. Read on for 10 ways to maximize your CSA experience. More

Meet Your Farmers: Golden Earthworm Farm of Jamesport, New York

[Photographs: Maggie Wood] The North Fork of Long Island may not be as glamorous as its southerly neighbor (the more famous fork, home to the Hamptons and Montauk) but it's an agricultural paradise with rich soil and an ocean-tempered climate that remains largely rural and committed to its agrarian roots. Traditionally potato country, the region is now home to more than 30 vineyards and is teeming with large and small-scale vegetable farms, berry patches, and orchards. In addition to the farmers' markets, CSAs, and roadside farm stands, you'll also find top-notch farm-to-table dining. (like the North Fork Table and Inn). So who's behind the bounty of good food coming out of the North Fork? I recently spoke with the... More

Apple-Pear Sauce

[Photographs: Carolyn Cope] One of the happier symptoms of this chronic condition we call adulthood is the ability to see beauty in imperfection. Maybe it's just nature's way of steeling us to continue looking in the mirror morning after morning,... More

How to Cope with CSA Stress

Photograph from justinhenry on Flickr Has your CSA membership compromised your ridiculously wild social life? Do you find yourself staying indoors to make use of the okra piling up? Cathy Erway of Not Eating Out in New York can relate, but she's come up with some tips: Beets last a really long time. Kohlrabi is not going to turn in a week, either. If you find that you simply have too much stuff to eat in a week (as I do often), go for the most delicate leafy greens first. Save the big heads of cabbage, potatoes, green beans and carrots for another week, and don’t worry about them. She recommends eating the produce raw (pots and pans can... More

Too Many Veggies from the CSA?

Photograph from thebittenword.com on Flickr A Slate reader asks the Green Lantern, "If I can't eat my share, is a CSA still an environmentally sound choice?" This spring I considered joining a local CSA. I like knowing exactly where my food comes from and the direct connection to a farm, and the weekly or biweekly pick-up meant I'd be eating plenty of fruits and veggies, at least in theory. In practice, I find it can be challenging to cook with unfamiliar ingredients or even familiar ones that I'm tired of. I ultimately decided that shopping at the local farmers' market would be a better choice for me—I could support local farms, and buy only what I needed and wanted. If... More

Meat CSAs in the San Francisco Bay Area

Pigs from Clark Summit Farm. You may know about community-supported agriculture (CSA) dedicated to providing locally grown produce, but how about locally raised meat? San Francisco Chronicle reports on the meat CSAs of the Bay Area that provide households with "monthly boxes of steaks, stew meat, pork loins, lamb chops, whole chickens and sometimes goat, all raised by Northern California farmers and ranchers, mainly on grass." If you're interested in joining a meat CSA, you can sign up through these websites: Bay Area Meat CSA Sonoma County Meat Buying Club Marin Sun Farms Clark Summit Farm... More

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