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Video: Ruth Reichl on Street Food and Her Career Cluelessness

Erin Zimmer 3 comments

This great one-on-one with Ruth Reichl was taken at CIA's Greystone campus in California last month at the "Street Food of the World" conference. Reichl goes into the deeper anthropological significance of street food, explaining that her mom used to throw dinner parties in their cramped New York City apartment but didn't want any guests to actually smell the food (since that was associated with the dirtiness of cooking). Street food today, in all its smelly-kebab-smoke glory, is the exact opposite. When asked what she wants to do next in three words, she responds "I don't know!" Well, hey, that's three words, Ruth! The video interview was conducted by Washington, D.C.-based food writer Michele Kayal, who blogs at The... More

Cook the Book: Honey-Vanilla Cheesecake

Serious Eats Adam Kuban 1 comment

I've probably gone a little heavy on the mains from this week's Cook the Book selection, and now that the weekend is here and I have some time to devote to dessert, I'm thinking this Honey-Vanilla Cheesecake might do the... More

Cook the Book: Healthy and Delicious Black Bean Chili

Serious Eats Adam Kuban Post a comment

It's rainy and cold as I type this—the kind of day that puts me in the mood for some hot, stick-to-the-ribs dish—like this Healthy and Delicious Black Bean Chili. It's adapted from The Culinary Institute of America's Techniques of Healthy... More

Cook the Book: Potato and Vegetable Soup

Serious Eats Adam Kuban 4 comments

I've been in the market for a good vegetable soup recipe, and this one looks like it fits the bill. It's got plenty of vegetables and even works in corn and potatoes, both of which I love in soups (though... More

Cook the Book: 'Techniques of Healthy Cooking'

Adam Kuban Closed

This week's Cook the Book continues in a healthy vein for the month of January with The Culinary Institute of America's Techniques of Healthy Cooking. Though almost textbook-like in format and heft, it's anything but dull—what with its beautiful full-page photos and handsomely laid-out recipes, complete with nutritional information (of course) and additional metric measurements. Besides recipes, five of which we'll be excerpting this week, Techniques of Healthy Cooking includes chapters on healthy diets and ingredients, and one on developing your own healthy recipes and menus. If you're keeping true to your resolution to lose weight or eat better, this book could serve as your primer. Win This Book As is the case with our weekly Cook the Book feature,... More

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