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Video: Rachael Ray Works at the Dry Cleaners on 'I Get That A Lot' Tonight

Erin Zimmer 24 comments

First Heidi Klum was a pizza clerk, now Rachael Ray is taking your dirty laundry on the CBS show I Get That a Lot. The show puts celebrities in "normal person" jobs to confuse customers. Hey doesn't that look like that one famous person? Yup, because it is. But we won't tell you and film you looking confused for fun. In this episode, Ray is behind the counter when a mother-daughter pair walks in to drop off their dry cleaning and immediately recognizes her. "Really, honestly, I get it every single day," Ray "swears." Watch the preview clip after the jump.... More

Video: AHT's Own Nick Solares Talks Sliders on 'CBS Sunday Morning'

A Hamburger Today Adam Kuban 10 comments

In case you missed it Sunday morning, AHT's own Nick "Beef Aficionado" Solares appeared in a segment of CBS Sunday Morning, in which he talked about sliders with Bobby Flay. The piece was pretty much Nick's awesome Guide to... More

This Sunday, Watch Nick Solares Talk About Sliders on CBS

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee Post a comment

This Sunday, November 22, our New York City correspondent Nick Solares will appear on CBS Sunday Morning where Bobby Flay will interview him about sliders. (If you haven't seen it before, check out Nick's massive Guide to Sliders in Northern... More

Lisa Garza May Get Her Own CBS Show

Erin Zimmer 7 comments

She didn't win The Next Food Network Star, hence no Food Network show, but she may have something lined up with CBS. That was the rumor at an Abi Ferrin Fashion Week show this week, according to Food Network Addict. At this point, Garza can't say much about joining the land of Letterman, CSI, and The Price is Right!... More

In Videos: Andy Rooney on Cereal

Raphael Post a comment

In last week's 60 Minutes, Andy Rooney talked about the things that people send him in the mail. We learn a couple of interesting facts about Rooney: He prefers Corn Flakes or Shredded Wheat to Wheaties and charges $47.50 to have lunch with someone he's never heard of before. I hope he's kidding. Video after the jump.... More

CBS Buys CNET, Owner of Chowhound

Erin Zimmer 2 comments

As reported today, CBS is dropping $1.8 billion in cash on CNET. CNET in turn owns popular food site Chowhound. Remember the old days of Chowhound, when it was simply, basically, black text on a white background and the pages took forever to load? Amazing to see it go from a bedroom operation under founder Jim Leff to a property of a major entertainment network. Informed chowhounders are already anticipating changes, like their valiant foodie leader Leff appearing on CBS sitcoms and Letterman. Updated: Jim Leff opines on the purchase: “What we don’t need, however, is a broader slice of diners participating. A real flood of unsavvy diners could dilute the knowledge level.”... More

In Videos: Andy Rooney on Fruit

Adam Kuban 13 comments

"I've bought a thousand honeydew melons and only three of them have been ripe." —Andy Rooney As Alaina here in the Serious Eats office pointed out, "Andy Rooney is the original blogger." I never thought of it quite like that, but as the camera follows him on a trip to the grocery store (from last night's 60 Minutes), what does he do but essentially blog aloud?... More

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