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Daily Slice: Pleasure Pizza, Santa Cruz, CA

Pleasure Pizza is a surfer's hangout in Santa Cruz, CA, right down the street from some of the best surf breaks in the area. At $5 a slice, the Santa Barbara is not for those with a light appetite or wallet. Heaping with mozzarella, Parmesan, pepper jack, green onions, artichoke hearts, and spinach, the Santa Barbara is a two-hander. The sauce is nice and peppery, with enough heft to make its presence felt amongst the other strong flavors. The artichoke hearts add tang and the pepper jack adds a bit of heat. There is enough cheese on the slice to make a vegan faint, and the size of the pizza is monstrous. More

Why You Should Become a Regular at Jodie's in Albany, CA

The joint's six seats place everyone a good word's length from the griddle, the prep counter, the other customers, and Jodie himself—and Jodie Royston is not a man who takes money from strangers. Naturally, it takes only one meal to become a regular, especially when one takes hunger into account. The restaurant's sprawling menu—over 64 specials splayed across two walls in the form of cheeky laminates and repurposed receipts—offers a bounty of flavor beyond the fried chicken leg. More

Pizza in the Bay Area: Rising Like a Phoenix at Pizzeria Delfina

pizzeriadelfina.com For a city with a historic and world-renown Italian community (North Beach), San Francisco and the Bay Area has, until the last few years, been sorely lacking in great pizza. While there are several excellent Italian delis and restaurants like Molinari's, Lucca, and, my favorite restaurant when I lived in San Francisco in the '80s, Caffe Sport, no pizzaioli were creating memorable pies. Thankfully, that woeful state of culinary affairs has been remedied. One of a handful of great purveyors of pizza is Pizzeria Delfina. Opened by Craig and Ann Stoll on 18th Street in the Mission in... More

Edibles: 'Speaking' Italian

Hey, serious eaters: We ran this as an "Edibles" post a few days ago, but I liked it so much that I'm sticking it here in the featured video spot for a spell. It's our dear leader, Serious Eats founder Ed Levine, working his way through the guide to Italian hand gestures that's one of the featured designs on the disposable paper place mats at L.A. pizzeria Mozza. Check it out if you missed it the first time around. —Adam Kuban More

Pies Across America: Who makes the best?

What's the best piece of pie you've ever eaten? Karen Barker, pastry chef and co-owner of the Magnolia Grill, 1002 Ninth Street, 919-286-3609, Durham, NC), makes the best pies I've ever eaten. Karen made all the pies for a pie breakfast at a Barbecue Conference I went to a few years ago In Oxford, Mississippi, and I'm afraid I singlehandedly decimated her supply of pies. She wrote a terrific cookbook a few years ago, and tomorrow or the next day I will put her pie recipe up on Ed Levine Eats. In New York, as I mentioned yesterday, my two favorite pie bakers are Two Little Red Hens (1112 8th Ave. (11th St.), Park Slope, 718-499-8108, 1652 2nd Ave.... More

"Do rich people eat tacos?"

Photo courtesy of The Great Taco Hunt I don't know who Cindy Price is, but she wrote a great mouthwatering story in today's NY Times about her search for the ultimate taco along Route 1 between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Cindy hit 28 taquerias in five days. That's some serious taco eating. She started in LA, and hit my favorite taqueria there, El Taurino. El Taurino is a little scary (the last time I was there an armed guard kept watch over the dining room), but the tacos there are fantastic. She headed up to Santa Barbara, where before she tried the late Julia Child's favorite taqueria, La Super Rica Taqueria, she posed the following question: "Do rich... More

Beard Post-Mortem

I'm exhausted. The night of the Beard Awards I end up hanging out at various after-parties until three in the morning. A couple of things I wanted to mention: The Beard Awards were much more emotionally resonant this year because we dedicated them to New Orleans. The live music was great (for the first time), the recorded music they used to accompany the winners' stroll to the podium was all amazing old New Orleans r and b (think Louis Jordan's Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens), and the food (all from New Orleans chefs) at the reception was real, honest and soulful. I had way too much of Willie Mae Seaton's transcendent fried chicken, and I would have had seconds... More

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