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Market Scene: 77 Flea Market in Brownsville, TX

Meredith Bethune 2 comments

Don't believe anyone who says going to the 77 Flea Market in Brownsville is just like being in Mexico. Yes, it's located very close to the border, but the large selection of cowboy hats and boots and Rio Grande Valley delicacies like hot Cheetos smothered with queso should serve as a pretty good indicator that this particular market is distinctly Tex-Mex. More

Dear AHT: Rutledge Burgers in Brownsville, TX

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 1 comment

[Photograph: PicaJet Blog] Hello, I stumbled onto your blog. I am a lover of burgers. There is a great little place in downtown Brownsville, Texas, called Rutledge Burgers. It's been there since 1924, and its built into the space... More

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