'Brown Bag Challenge' on Serious Eats

Last Chance to Participate in the DonorsChoose Brown Bag Challenge!

Way to go, serious eaters! Through our Brown Bag Challenge, Serious Eats has raised $1,153, impacting 769 students through 5 fully-funded projects. Collectively, participants in the DonorsChoose Social Media Challenge have raised over $565,000 by 4,038 citizen philanthropists have pitched in to help bring resources to over 99,000 students in public schools across the country. But we can do more! There are only 3 days left in the challenge, so if you've been saving your lunch money, now is the time to give to a project! Here are 3 projects that are near completion and worthy of your support: My Life in Food: Exploring Recipes as Memoir: Help a 10th grade English class buy 30 copies of Tender at the... More

Donors Choose Brown Bag Challenge Update

[Image: scholastic.com] We're one week into the Donors Choose Brown Bag Challenge and so far, thanks to your efforts to foil up last night's leftovers, we've helped fund three projects: Hidden Hallways to Health, Catered Too, and a personal favorite, Frizzly Food Chain. Come on, you gotta love helping a class have more Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus series in their lives. We still have 22 days left to kick this challenge in the ass, and a few projects are pretty close to completion: My Life in Food: Exploring Recipes as Memoir: Help a 10th grade English class buy 30 copies of Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl so students will be inspired to write their... More

Serious Eats' Brown Bag Challenge

We're excited to announce our participation in this year's Donors Choose Social Media Challenge, along with a whole bunch of blogs (including Apartment Therapy, Gawker, and Blogher). Donors Choose is an online charity that matches classroom projects with donors. We're asking you to join our Brown Bag Challenge to help us fund food and health-related projects. During last year's challenge, more than 165 bloggers participated. All told, they raised over $275,000 for classroom projects reaching 67,000 students in low-income neighborhoods around the country. Donate Your Lunch Money to a Classroom Project Help us make a difference in classrooms around the country by funding food and health-related classroom projects. It's as easy as brown bagging it and donating your lunch money... More

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