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Tasting Tour: Eating Around the World in London

In my hometown of New York City, you can find good eats from just about every nation under the sun. And in the great city of London, that's just as true. While British food has come a long way in recent years—from gastropubs to molecular gastronomy—London is a cosmopolitan city of astonishing cultural breadth, and many of its real culinary treasures come from the rich cuisines of all corners of the globe. More

Colonialism Redux: Fortnum & Mason, The Queen's Grocer, Comes Stateside

When it comes to tea and biscuits, our relationship with the Brits hasn't always been a smooth one. (Remember that last Tea Party—around, say, 1773? Didn't end well.) But in a burst of transatlantic good will, the Queen's Grocer Fortnum & Mason is launching its first American product line, bringing all manner of quintessentially British goodies to the States at last. Fortnum & Mason has been one of the gold standards for British goodies for over three centuries—the Queen doesn't put her name on just anything. Their jams, desserts, champagne, and teas are packaged as prettily as products from America's Harry and David, but are much more widespread—and much tastier. Although British cuisine often gets a bad rap, no one... More

British Amateur Chef Dies After Eating Extremely Spicy Chili

Andrew Lee, 33, had just passed a physical at work when he bet his girlfriend's brother he could make a hotter chili. The Telegraph reports: "Toxicology tests are now being carried out to see if the fork lift truck driver suffered a fatal reaction to the dish or whether anything else contributed to his death." [via Michael L.]... More

Hemp Oil, the New Olive Oil

The popularity of hemp oil is on the rise in Britain where the nutty oil rich in essential fatty acids is seen as "Britain's answer to olive oil." Hemp crops contain very little THC, the narcotic agent found in marijuana, and aside from making good oil have many environmentally beneficial uses.... More

Saving Britain's Heritage Apple Varieties

Although only about 30 varieties of apples are grown commercially, Britain boasts 2,000 apple varieties that conservationists are trying to preserve. Someday you may get your hands on apples that taste like pineapple (Pine Apple Russet) or strawberry (Devonshire Quarrenden).... More

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