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Russian Pastries on a Budget at Bakery La Brioche

On a sleepy stretch of Brighton Beach Avenue you'll find Bakery La Brioche, a glitzed-out Russian bakery with gold trim and marble countertops festooned with doughnuts, cakes, and small buns. If you've been disappointed by pretty-looking but dull-tasting pastries elsewhere in Brighton Beach, this bakery may be your answer. More

Support South Brooklyn's Bread Bakers

Thanks to its incredibly diverse immigrant population, the stretch of South Brooklyn from Coney Island to Sheepshead Bay is one of the city's richest feeding grounds for those interested in ethnic eats. Unfortunately, as readers know, it is also one of the low-lying neighborhoods hardest hit by the Sandy surge. Here's our report on the state of South Brooklyn's bread. More

Mexican Eats: El Jarochito in Brighton Beach

The Russian-speaking enclave of Brighton Beach may conjure up images of caviar, fur-storage centers, and fading pastel hued high rise condos of a beach resort that never was. But once you walk the streets of Neptune Avenue, signs of diversity are apparent: women in colorful saris leading their children to school, Pakistani kebab restaurants and Georgian bakeries, and a small but vibrant pocket of Mexican-American life. El Jarochitois one of the signs. The Jarochito company has anchored the community since 1993 with their grocery and panaderia, a Mexican-style bakery that has a taqueria in back. More

Cheap Eats: Five Great Russian Snacks In Brighton Beach

Over an hour from Manhattan by subway and a light year away in atmosphere, Brighton Beach is a jackpot for adventurous food field-trippers. Markets and restaurants offer a greatest-hits list of Russian cuisine—smoked fish and meats, soups, blintzes, caviar, dumplings, pickled vegetables, slaws, rye breads, pastries, and so much more—often at mind-bogglingly low prices. More

Hangover Helper: Fried Cabbage Vareniky at Varenichnaya in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

The Russians may be the most experienced drinkers-to-excess in all of Europe, so you'd imagine they have a hangover cure or two up their sleeves. My favorite is a hair of the dog drink, a variation on the Bloody Mary in which you swap out the tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, and ice for more vodka. Visit any Russian cafe on a weekend (or, frankly, a weekday) and you'll see a table halfway through a fresh bottle of BYO vodka as they eat their lunch. So that's one reason to make the trek to Brighton Beach the morning after some overindulgence. The other is the sweet, starchy comfort of Russian dumplings. More

Date Night: 1001 Nights

Our planet is a very big place. A prosaic observation only until you look at a map and contemplate the movement of people across vast areas before Wi-Fi-friendly flights and noise-cancelling headphones. This restaurant lets you sample some of that history, taking you from Neptune Avenue to the Silk Road. 1001 Nights is best for: a date who's a citizen of the world, whose broad interests are matched by a big appetite. More

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