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7 Great Asian Noodle Soups in Boston

Hub Grub Liz Bomze 9 comments

I never need an excuse to eat Asian noodle soups, but it being the dead of winter and the start of Chinese New Year, the timing seemed particularly good for rounding up a few of my favorites. More

Brighton, MA: The Proper Slice

Slice Meredith Smith 5 comments

The crackle of the under crust was the thing that got me on my first visit to The Proper Slice. It formed its own perfect, distinct layer in the pizza crust topography. By the second slice, after the pie had sat on its aluminum podium for a wilt-able amount of time yet remained crisp, I was ready to place the fledgling pizzeria in the upper echelon. More

Northern Thai Food Comes to Boston at Thai North

Hub Grub Liz Bomze 3 comments

What I'd really come to Thai North for was the kao soi, generally considered the national dish of Chiang Mai, and unfortunately hard to find in most American Thai restaurants. It's basically a brothy red curry with noodles, meat (usually chicken), and a heap of contrasting garnishes. The complex, coconut milk-enriched liquid, laced with chili oil, comes about halfway up the deep bowl and soaks into a generous tangle of chewy, flat noodles. Also swimming in the mix: a braised chicken leg, pickled mustard greens, crisp slices of raw red onion, cilantro, scallions, crunchy fried noodles, and a juicy lime wedge for squeezing. Alongside, a bowl of roasted chili paste. If there's another dish out there with a more balanced, multifaceted mixture of flavors and textures, I can't think of it. More

Brighton, MA: Ringing in Chinese New Year at Joyful Garden

Hub Grub Liz Bomze 4 comments

It all started when my friend (and occasional Serious Eats collaborator) Kate Shannon asked her culinary school instructor and famed cookbook author Helen Chen where she likes to eat Chinese food in Boston. Chen's reply: Joyful Garden in the Day's Hotel in Brighton. The Days Hotel? More

The Godzilla at Eagle's Deli & Restuarant

A Hamburger Today Adam Kuban 2 comments

From the Phantom Gourmet: Five pounds of burger, broken down into 10 half-pound patties. And that's before you add the bacon and cheese (20 slices of each). And the five-pound sider of fries. $100. Finish it and you don't have... More

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