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'No Sharing! No Doggy Bags!' A Mountain of Brazilian Meat at Fernandes Steakhouse, Newark

New York Jamie Feldmar 8 comments

Despite an almost comically expansive menu of meat and seafood dishes (including some interesting combinations like sauteed pork cubes with clams, potato cubes, pickles, wine, cilantro, and "Spanish sauce"), most people come to Fernandes for the Rodizio ($29.75, "!!! No Sharing/No Doggy Bags !!!"), in which men wielding large skewers of grilled meats wander from table to table, slicing off fresh portions of meat until the diner is physically unable to consume another calorie. More

A Sandwich a Day: A Happy 'Banana Burger' Misdirect at Altas Horas, Newark, NJ

New York Max Falkowitz 2 comments

As we've seen before, the Brazilian take on a burger isn't just cooked ground beef on a bun. Mayo makes frequent appearances. Corn, too. Fried potatoes perhaps. And, so our research into famed hamburgao spot Altas Horas led us to believe, bananas as well. More

Market Tours: Brazilian Specialties (and lots of Cheese Bread) at Rio Market in Astoria

New York Clara Inés Schuhmacher 6 comments

Today, Astoria's "Little Brazil"—the stretch of 36th Avenue around the N/Q subway stop—is a different place. "Most Brazilians have gone home [to Brazil]," says Ricardo, owner of Rio Market. I'm just one of the last places left selling Brazilian goods." Take a tour of the aisles for mate gourds, cassava snacks, and lots of cheesy bread. More

Kids Welcome: Malagueta

New York Aya Tanaka 3 comments

Brazilian food lovers have plenty of decent options in New York. If you want a churrascaria, Plataforma and Riodizio will do the trick. For cool Brazilian atmosphere, Barzinho, Favela Grill and Bar Bossa are pleasing options. For cheap and delicious-by-the-pound bounty, Copacabana is the best bet. If you want to make it yourself, Rio Bonito supermarket will provide all the necessary groceries for a Brazilian feast. Yet my favorite all around Brazilian restaurant in the city is Malagueta, located on a quiet, easily accessible corner in Astoria, Queens. More

Pão de Queijo: Brazilian Cheezy-Poofs

J. Kenji López-Alt 35 comments

Pão de queijo, Portuguese for cheese bread, are tiny cheese puffs made with yuca (not to be confused with yucca) flour and a slightly sour, tangy fresh cheese. They smell awesome when they're hot. More

Date Night: Favela Grill

New York Jessica Allen and Garrett Ziegler 3 comments

Currently two of Brazil's most well-known exports are buxom beauties and minimalist underwear. That should change. At a recent meal at Favela Grill, in Astoria, we discovered a few more commodities worth introducing on a large scale to the international marketplace. More

Hardcore Feijoada

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 12 comments

Note: For best results, use as many different salted pork parts as available, though you can always make it with just a few. Straight up salt pork and slab bacon with some good sausage will be quite delicious. Farofa is... More

Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread)

Serious Eats Carrie Vasios Mullins 16 comments

Check out other recipes from our cocktail party menu for Carnival.... More

Sugar Rush: O Cafe's Pao de Mel

New York Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

At the new O Cafe on the corner of 6th Avenue and 12th Street, the Pao del Mel ($3.50) is one of the few goods baked in-house. More

Apps Only: Esperanto

New York Ben Fishner Post a comment

Editor's note: In "Apps Only," Ben Fishner will be eating his way through New York's appetizer, bar, and lounge menus as your guide to fine dining on a budget. He blogs at Ben Cooks Everything. Pao de queijo from... More

International Hot Dog Search, Part One

New York Sara Markel-Gonzalez 16 comments

More Intel All Queens Roundups » This post is not for the hot dog purist—let's just get that out of the way right now. Those of you who are offended by anything other than a mustard-topped dog, look away.... More

Serious Chocolate: Brazilian Brigadeiros

Serious Eats Melody Kramer 22 comments

The brigadeiro is a chocolate truffle-like candy named after a Brazilian air force leader who ran for president several times during the 1940s. During his campaign, Brazilian women raised money for him by selling sweet chocolate balls made with condensed milk, and called them brigadeiros for short. More

Sugar Rush: Red Wine Tapioca Pudding from Pão de Queijo

New York Zach Brooks Post a comment

I love tapioca pudding, but had never seen the Brazilian version made with red wine until this weekend at Pão de Queijo in Astoria. Known as sagu de vinho, the dessert is made from boiling tapioca pearls in red... More

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