'Brass' on Serious Eats

Photo of the Day: Brass the Beagle Digs Through Serious Eats Trash

Photograph by Raphael Brion Last time we saw Ed's beagle, Brass, he was poking his head in a dishwashing machine. This morning when he visited the office he hurriedly waddled toward Raphael's trash can (hence why he's a smidge blurry) and rifled through its contents until he found some day-old Chinese barbecue rib bones. If Ed hadn't dragged Brass out of the office, he probably would've sniffed our trash cans for the rest of the day, then moved onto other offices to rifle through their trash cans. And no one could resist, because he's such a cute dog. (I made an indecipherable squeal of happiness when he shuffled into the room.) Check out more photos I took of Brass... More

Photo of the Day: Canine Prewash Cycle

When I first encountered Ed Levine's beagle, Brass, he had lumbered from the kitchen of Ed's apartment into the living room, drawn by the scent of pizza dinner at an early Serious Eats planning session. Ed immediately warned us all to watch that dog like a hawk. As far as Brass is concerned, that slice of pizza on your plate is his. Brass's strategy: Disarm with a deceptively slow pace, bide time until victim's guard is down, strike like lightning to take what's rightfully his. The night I met him, someone (no, not me) ignored Ed's warning, and Brass scored a prime corner slice of a grandma pizza from New Pizza Town. Yes, he's a sneaky sucker, but he... More

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