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A Chat With Frank Bruni and Jonathan Safran Foer

New York Chichi Wang 17 comments

"Why not fix the system by making the model farm the rule, rather than jettisoning the entire notion of eating animals?" What would a restaurant critic say to a vegetarian author? We found out at a sold-out auditorium at the... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 81: A Frank Chat with Frank Bruni on Being 'Born Round'

Ed Levine's Serious Diet Ed Levine 21 comments

"I was objectively chubby by age four, fat by age six, and was on the Atkins diet for the first time at age eight." --Frank Bruni Photographs by Robyn Lee For all of the serious eaters who overdosed on the hype surrounding Julie & Julia (hey, the back of my head was in the movie, so if I'm guilty as charged there's a good reason for that), I'm giving you a heads-up that the hoopla accompanying the publication of Born Round, now former New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni's memoir, is going to make Julie & Julia seem like it was an under-the-radar phenomenon. The book is in stores today, so let the Bruni media madness begin (it actually... More

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