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Gift Guide: Books For The Kitchen Nerd

These are books for the kitchen nerd in all of us. The ones who want to know the hows and whys of cooking. The ones who lie restlessly at night, unconsciously kicking their bed mate and thinking, why was my roast chicken dry? What's wrong with beating my batter? And for the love of god and cupcakes, why couldn't I just add all the eggs at once?!? More

A Buyer's Guide to Vintage Cocktail Books

You've been into making cocktails for awhile now. You've stocked your bookshelves with all the modern classic cocktail manuals, and you're finally ready to dip your toes into the vintage book scene. Where to begin? (Or perhaps, because it's the holiday season, you're shopping for someone who'd love a vintage cocktail book or ten. This guide is for you, too.) More

Win a Copy of 'Left Coast Roast'

Hey, coffee nerds: Do you always pack a manual coffee grinder and a French press when you go on vacation? Do you find yourself hacking the hotel coffee pot so you can make a superior brew away from home? Then Left Coast Roast by journalist, former barista, and coffee maven Hanna Neuschwander might be just the book for you. More

Caffeinated Reading: Left Coast Roast

Everybody has opinions about the best cafés and the best coffee roasters, and coffee lovers everywhere insist that their city or their local bean slinger does it best. Thankfully, writer and reformed barista Hanna Neuschwander puts her macchiato where her mouth is with a new book: Left Coast Roast: A Guide to the Best Coffee and Roasters from San Francisco to Seattle. More

Cocktail Storytelling: 5 Great Books To Seek Out

Some of the books in today's guide offer cocktail recipes, but more importantly, they tell great stories. Every author in today's mix is a great raconteur, each with a unique and fascinating voice. These books scratch the surface of cocktail and drinking history, while exploring imbibing customs both in the United States and around the world. More

Serious Reads: On the Future of Food, by the Prince of Wales

On May 4th, 2011, Prince Charles of Wales gave a speech at the Future of Food Conference at Georgetown University. The speech has since been published into a book—a tiny book, but one chock full of important points about the pitfalls of the industrial food system and ways to address them. The Prince's Speech: On the Future of Food is a handy guide to good talking points about the food system, and manages to be fairly comprehensive given its diminutive size. More

Serious Reads: Charlotte au Chocolat, by Charlotte Silver

The Hasty Pudding Club is one of Harvard University's oldest social clubs, and for many years Upstairs at the Pudding was the elite restaurant that served the group's students, alumni, and guests. Until its close in 2001, the restaurant embodied elegance with gourmet food, an enchanting hostess, and a little girl who ran around the dining room in party dresses and blond ringlets. That little girl, Charlotte Silver, has written a memoir about her experience as the daughter of the owners of Upstairs at the Pudding. Charlotte au Chocolat: Memories of a Restaurant Girlhood would perhaps make one jealous of all of the delicious food and lively adventures of Charlotte's youth—except for the tinge of melancholy that lingers on every page More

Serious Reads: An Extravagant Hunger, by Anne Zimmerman

In an era when everyone and their brother is logging hours detailing their most recent meals, some food writers are timeless. M.F.K. Fisher has influenced generations of readers with her melodic prose and delectable descriptions of food and eating. Her tumultuous and productive life is chronicled in An Extravagant Hunger: The Passionate Years of M.F.K. Fisher, by writer (and SE contributor!) Anne Zimmerman. More

Serious Reads: Breaking Through Concrete, by David Hanson and Edwin Marty

The current resurgence of the back-to-the-land movement has a slightly different twist than the California-based one in the 1970s. The main obstacle facing many would-be farmers is land—which can be expensive. So rather than head to the country to cultivate crops, farmers are breaking ground in the middle of urban areas, where abandoned lots may be anywhere. In their book Breaking Through Concrete: Building an Urban Farm Revival, David Hanson and Edwin Marty show us community garden and farm projects across the country. The beautiful pictures and inspiring tales paint a picture of blooming cities, where food can be grown even in the cracks of sidewalks. More

Serious Reads: Neurogastronomy, by Gordon M. Shepard

The phenomenons of smell and taste are still subjects of much research by scientists around the world. Neurobiologist Gordon M. Shepard has attempted to make this field accessible to the food-lovers set in his new book, Neurogastronomy: How the Brain Creates Flavor and Why It Matters. His takeaway messages are clear, but in between it's easy to get lost in the terminology of this scientific book. More

Children's Book Giveaway: 'Chopsticks'

A single chopstick is a very lonely chopstick. How can he dexterously scoop up noodles without his friend? But there comes a point in every chopstick's life when he must quest for personal identity and independence. Chopsticks by Amy Krouse Rosenthal with illustrations by Scott Magoon, is the classic chopstick coming of age tale. Enter to win a copy here. More

Serious Reads: An Everlasting Meal, by Tamar Adler

Most cookbooks provide knowledge formulaically, in columns with neatly organized ingredients and the steps to make a delicious meal. But chef and writer Tamar Adler feels limited by this traditional format. Her new book, An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace, combines recipes, stories, and techniques into a running narrative of how to build culinary skills. At first the book confused me with its friendly tone and unique organization, but I came to love Adler's novel approach to sharing her passion for cooking. More

Serious Reads: Endless Appetites by Alan Bjerga

If you keep an eye on the news, it's hard to miss that a recent hike in food prices has sparked food riots and increased hunger around the world. From Africa to China to right here in the United States, more people are depending on food donations and government programs to make it through the day. Journalist Alan Bjerga attempts to tackle this enormous issue in his recent book Endless Appetites: How the Commodities Casino Creates Hunger and Unrest. More

5 Great Books About Coffee

Nothing makes a better partner for a great cup of coffee than a good book to scan while sipping. Whether you're looking to learn more about the history of that beautiful elixir, or to simply be transported to its tropical habitat (for better or worse), here are five titles that belong on any bean-lover's bookshelf. More

Steeped in Knowledge: 5 Great Tea Books

The hilly terrain of tea writing is fraught with all types of mythology, internet health schemes, ancient rituals, zen meditations, homilies for the lacy doily set, etc. But there's also a ton to learn about tea around the world. We've compiled a short but sweet list of five tea books we like best for their direct delivery of real—and intriguing!—information on all things tea. More

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