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Photo of the Day: Hamburguesas Krusty in Bolivia

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 7 comments

This unique sign for Hamburguesas Krusty (a Spanish take on Springfield's favorite burger joint, Krusty Burger, probably not endorsed by Fox) was spotted in Sucre, Bolivia, by photographer and blogger Juergen Horn over at travel blog Bolivia for 91 Days. "These Krusty Burger joints are all over Bolivia," said Juergen. Anyone ever been to a Hamburguesas Krusty before? More

Coffee Review: Intelligentsia's Anjilanaka Bolivia San Juan Ocho Estrellas

Drinks GreenwayBarista 6 comments

After a recent trip to Chicago, a friend of mine brought back a beautiful red bag of coffee. If a tingling sensation did not just shoot through your neck, you may not be familiar with the coffee roasted Chicago-based Intelligentsia. It's an incredibly passionate and forward-thinking company, but when it comes down to it, the result of all the thoughtful hard work is discovered in the cup. This red bag contained an organic coffee called "Anjilanaka, Bolivia; San Juan Ocho Estrellas"—a long name for one bag of beans. Anjilanaka means "angels" in Bolivia's native language, and this coffee was named after the inception of Intelligentsia's big expansion into the Los Angeles market. More

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