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The Latest in Awesome Sandwich Technology: Using an Inverted Baguette

Photograph from Daily Feed Boccalone Salumeria in San Francisco makes their proscuitto cotto with provolone panini out of an inverted baguette, allowing the tender inner part of the bread to get crisp and creating "more textural interest with its chewy crust melded to the melted cheese." Like I needed even more reason to want to eat a sandwich filled with thinly sliced pork and molten cheese. [via Eater SF] Related In Videos: Chris Cosentino at 'Boccalone' A Bicycle Built for Sausage... More

A Bicycle Built for Sausage

Learning to ride a two-wheeler is admirable, but learning to ride a Salumi-Cycle? Now that merits major cycling cred. This shiny red ride delivers pork orders from the Bay Area's recently-opened Boccalone, to nearby Financial District destinations. It's like the ice cream truck, only less carnival music and frozen dairy, more salted pig links. Does meat on wheels make anyone else really happy? [via Eater SF] Previously Boccalone's Chris Cosentino Explains the Bastard Step-Child of Mortadella Shopping Cart Bicycle... More

In Videos: Chris Cosentino at 'Boccalone'

Chris Cosentino is the chef of San Francisco-based restaurant Incanto and has started the company Boccalone, which delivers cured meats on a weekly basis. In this video from the Salumi Meat Society, Cosentino shares his "everything but the oink" philosophy, explains the difference between bologna and mortadella ("Bologna is the bastard step-child of mortadella."), and we get an inside look at the factory where the salumi is made. Video after the jump.... More

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