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Bluestem's Smoked Salmon Panna Cotta

An amuse-bouche, that enticing pre meal bite compliments of the kitchen, is one of those lovely little touches that makes a meal really special. And while the amuse is firmly situated in restaurant territory, we love the idea of serving them at home. Adapted from Bluestem, this Smoked Salmon Panna Cotta is simple entryway into the world of amuse-bouche at home. More

Bluestem's Risotto with Butternut Squash and Allspice

This recipe has two components that are new to most home cooks: stirring in cubes of chilled butter just before serving for added creaminess and finishing the dish with freshly grated allspice to give it a burst of warmth and a hint of spice. They're simple touches but ones that go a long way, making homemade taste just a bit closer to restaurant-calibre cooking. More

Bluestem's Crostini with Prosciutto and Hot and Sweet Cipollini 

At Kansas City's Bluestem, these hearty Crostini with Prosciutto and Hot and Sweet Cipollini are served as a first course but we're liking them as a lunch. Adapted from Bluestem fennel and sweet cipollini onions are cooked down with white wine, orange juice, and sherry vinegar to make a tart, savory jam that's perfect for spooning on slices of crusty grilled bread. More

Cook the Book: 'Bluestem: The Cookbook'

Kansas City chefs Colby Garrelts and Megan Garrelts have written one of those rare restaurant cookbooks, Bluestem. It's a beautiful book of recipes adapted from their seasonal Midwestern menu, illustrated with show stopping photographs from Bonjwing Lee a.k.a. The Ulterior Epicure. The dishes in Bluestem look and taste like fine dining but are written in a way that's infinitely doable, no immersion circulator necessary. Enter to win a copy here. More

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