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Sugar Rush: Hot Waffles at the Blue Bottle Siphon Bar

New York Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

At Siphon Bar inside the 15th Street location of Blue Bottle Coffee you can get extra fancy coffee. But did you know you can also get waffles made to order? More

Serious Reads: Blue Bottle's New Coffee Primer

Drinks Liz Clayton 4 comments

The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee's 230 pages are as artful as you'd expect: full of coffee, kettle, espresso-spout and cookie porn, and a lot of those cute little line drawings used on the Blue Bottle menus and merchandise. Full of delicious recipes from Caitlin Freeman's end of the spectrum (she's a former owner of San Francisco's Miette), it's also the only coffee book I've ever seen with a disclaimer about the perils of raw eggs. More

Sugar Rush: Blue Bottle's Double-Chocolate Cookie

New York Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

Blue Bottle makes the most chocolatey of chocolate cookies, a very dark Double Chocolate Cookie ($2.25) made with Mast Brothers Chocolate that's somewhere between soft and chewy. More

Sugar Rush: Olive Oil Sweets at Blue Bottle Coffee

New York Kathy YL Chan 2 comments

The two olive oil baked goods offered at Blue Bottle's new Chelsea location are more savory than sweet. A crisp, crumbly shortbread ($1.50) comes with a heavy dose of Salvatore Bklyn's olive oil from Sicily. It imparts grassy, peppery flavors which are then paired with fresh rosemary, chopped right into the shortbread. More

Sugar Rush: Affogato at Blue Bottle Coffee

New York Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

Blue Bottle Coffee may be a destination for coffee fiends, but it's also a great place for those with a sweet tooth on the lookout for dessert. More

A Sandwich a Day: Ham and Cheese Sandwiches at Blue Bottle Coffee, San Francisco

A Sandwich a Day Lauren Sloss 3 comments

A cup of coffee from Blue Bottle alone is worth braving the line at their Ferry Building location. But waiting can also give rise to some excellent ideas—like ordering one or both of the small, simple, and perfectly delicious sandwiches. Each is served on a quarter of crusty sweet baguette (from Acme Bread, just down the way) in a coffee filter, halved and lightly layered with high quality ingredients. More

Sugar Rush: Buckles and S'mores at Blue Bottle Coffee

New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

House-made Graham Crackers, crunchy with a haunting linger of honey and cinnamon, are the best part of these s'mores, and ought to be sold on their own. More

Sugar Rush: Loaf Cakes and Cookies at Blue Bottle Coffee

New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

The salt factor of the cookies at Blue Bottle Coffee are high enough to rival that of Momofuku's. And they are splendid. A Double Chocolate Cookie ($2.25) tangles salt-laced dark chocolate bites with melting pockets of Madagascar chocolate from Mast Brothers just down the block. More

Blue Bottle's New Orleans–Style Iced Coffee

Erin Zimmer 8 comments

After having an iced coffee just about daily for the last month, I can easily say the best was Blue Bottle's New Orleans–style iced coffee from Ferry Plaza (the small Bay Area chain has seven other outlets, including one in Brooklyn). The cold-brewed liquid happiness is a much richer, smoother version of the chicory-laced coffee at the famous Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. This one is dark but not too acidic or harsh, with a buttery finish. It's definitely on the dessert end of the iced-coffee spectrum—served over ice chunks with some sugar and a good wrist's worth of milk—but not enough to drown out the dark, deep, chicory flavors underneath. More

Sugar Rush: Hot Chocolate at Blue Bottle Coffee

New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

[Photo: Kathy Chan] Coffee is the draw at the first New York location of Blue Bottle Coffee in Williamsburg, but don't forget—there's Hot Chocolate ($3.50). With milk steamed to order, it's made with the same precision as any of... More

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