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4 Tasty Grab-and-Go Iced Coffees

Liz Clayton 7 comments

Cold brew methods for bottled coffee are getting more innovative—and delicious. Here are a few of the season's best new contenders. More

A Peek Inside The New Blue Bottle Coffee in Chelsea, NYC

Drinks Liz Clayton 5 comments

Blue Bottle Coffee Co.'s newest shop—no doubt one of many more planned in the era of venture-capital-infused cappuccinos—brings a coffee experience to New York City that it (and most anywhere else in this country) hasn't often seen before. More

5 Lattes We Love In San Francisco

Drinks Carrie Vasios Mullins 6 comments

While once the word latte only meant one thing—the traditional drink made with espresso and steamed milk—the category has expanded quite a bit. But we're OK with this transformation—as long as there are as many delicious incarnations as there are misguided eggnog-pumpkin-soy sugar bombs. Here are five delicious lattes we've enjoyed in San Francisco. More

5 Marshmallow Sweets We Love

New York Kathy YL Chan 2 comments

Fluffy and sweet, chubby and light, what's not to love about marshmallows? From the plain and pure version by Tumbador Chocolates, to seasonal flavors at Three Tarts, and fancy versions by Butter Baked Goods, we've got no shortage of great marshmallows in NYC. More

Some Like it Cold (Brewed): 5 Cool Coffee Methods

Drinks Liz Clayton 18 comments

The playing field of cool brewed coffee has widened considerably since the days when espresso over ice was the only option. From industrial plastic tubs to mesmerizing chemistry-set corkscrew drippers, cold brew is in full summer effect. Whether you're toting a cup of melting ice cubes to the park, or bringing home a handsome bottle to nurse all week long, you want your coffee cold? Baby, you've got options. More

Coffee Chronicles: Reconsidering New York's Coffee Identity

New York Allison Hemler 3 comments

Editor's note: Longtime Serious Eats contributor Allison Hemler knows her coffee, having spent two years as a barista and more than five in the service industry. She'll be joining us each week with Coffee Chronicles, taking a look at the... More

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