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Steel City Pops Brings Gourmet Popsicles to Birmingham, Alabama

Suddenly there are plenty of youthful, trendy food businesses popping up around Birmingham. The gourmet popsicles at Steel City Pops are for real. Their flavors are made from scratch using mostly local produce or ingredients, sugar, water, and/or local dairy. They carry between 20 and 25 flavors at any one time, and the creamy paletas are separated from the icey paletas in separate freezers, just like in traditional Mexican paleterias. Their Southern inspired flavors are truly noteworthy. More

Inspired Meat Toppings and Wood-Fired Pies at Bottega, in Birmingham, AL

Located in an imposing limestone faced Palladian style building, Bottega actually houses two restaurants. One offers a more sophisticated evening experience, and the other is a casual cafe featuring wood-fired pizzas. Socializing and drinks were the reason for most of my cafe visits, and I never quite bonded with the pizza. They were Zagat's recent pick for the "50 States, 50 Pizzas" guide, which was a reminder to give them another look. More

Where to Find Classic Alabama-Style Barbecue Chicken in Birmingham

"Most folks raised in North Alabama have firmly believed since childhood that barbecue sauce is white," writes pit master Chris Lilly in Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Book, of the legendary barbecue joint. Barbecue chicken with white sauce is the area's regional specialty. While visiting Birmingham, I drove about an hour north to Decatur to taste the classic dish at its source. Back in the city, I tried BBQ chicken at five different restaurants, in a search for the best. More

Hot Dog of the Week: Pete's Famous in Birmingham, Alabama

Pete's hot dog is strikingly different from every other Southern dog. It's one of those places where you walk in and just KNOW it's going to be awesome. It's a tiny place with a stainless steel counter and room for maybe six people at the most. Owner Gus Koutroulakis has been at the helm, cooking dogs on the tiny griddle from the same spot in the front window, since 1948. More

The United States of Pizza: Alabama

Note: This post marks the first in a 50-entry series of—you guessed it—pizza state by state. We asked Slice–Serious Eats correspondent Jenn Sit to poll the local experts, troll the various culinary boards, and basically get the lowdown on the pizza chowdown in all corners of the country. We'll be dishing these slices alphabetically, starting with Alabama. Have at it, Jenn! —The Mgmt.... More

Southern Foodways: The Greek-Owned Restaurants of Birmingham

Southern Foodways appears on Fridays as part of our collaboration with the Southern Foodways Alliance, an organization based in Oxford, Mississippi, that "documents and celebrates the diverse food cultures of the American South." Dig in! Late in June, the Southern Foodways Alliance staff loaded up a minivan and climbed aboard for a nine-hour drive from Oxford, Mississippi, to Charleston, South Carolina. Not only do we work for an organization devoted to the promotion of Southern food, we are all very good eaters and opinionated ones as well. Where to stop for lunch? That discussion began at 9 in the morning. Somewhere just across the Mississippi-Alabama state line the choice was made—Niki’s West in Birmingham, Alabama. The cafeteria line at Niki’s... More

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