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6 Vegan Sweets We Love in New York

Vegan sweets can be tasty but they can also be terrible, plagued by problems like way too much sugar, a leaden or gummy texture, or simply a lack of imagination. We weeded out the duds and found six great vegan sweets in the city: some of them from old standbys like BabyCakes, and a few from up-and-comers like Dun-Well Doughnuts in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Either way, with these sweet, fluffy, moist and sometimes decadent desserts, things are looking up for vegans in New York. More

Lunch To-Go: Birdbath

At the Tribeca location of Birdbath on Church Street, the back wall is lined with packaged lunches perfect for the grab-and-go crowd. They're portioned in a variety of sizes; one could opt for anything from a light shrimp salad to fried chicken, fresh cut fruit salads or a full meal of buttery smoked chicken ($5), sliced thin and served chilled over a bed of chopped kale salad. More

Daily Slice: Ricotta Slice, Birdbath Bakery, Soho

The little slices at Birdbath in Soho are part pizza, part tart, but they're quite nice—delicate and flaky, like a flat square of croissant dough brushed with rich, cooked-down tomato sauce. The edges look as if they were cut with pinking shears, and there isn't any puff, but the crust is salted just enough and it's rich without being overwhelming. More

New Pizza Style in NYC Uses Puff Pastry as Crust

Village Voice You know, I thought I had linked to this Village Voice blog post the day it came out in one of the daily(ish) Leftovers I do, but it looks like I didn't. Oh, well, I was going to give it its own post anyway, since it's totally worth it. The heart of the matter: Robert Sietsema has discovered a new pizza style in Manhattan at Birdbath Bakery: [Birdbath] has come up with a pizza based, not on the usual yeast- or sourdough-risen crust, but with a flaky puff pastry crust. The crust renders brittle and oily, and... More

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