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Beyond the Chicago Dog: 8 Haute Hot Dogs We Love in Chicago

While Chicago is associated with one particular style of hot dog, in practice we're more of an equal opportunity hot dog admirer. Honestly, we'll try pretty much anything on top of a sausage—just so long as it's good. That's especially true now, as chefs around town have decided to experiment with the hot dog, topping it with ingredients we'd never even consider as possibilities. More

Sausage City: Chorizo Queso Fundido at Big Star

I keep going back to Big Star. Maybe I'm drawn by pitchers of margaritas or cheap shots of whiskey. (It could also be the cheap, almost universally good food). But I do know that I crave one thing more than any other, which they've wisely never taken off the menu: the salty bubbling queso fundido. More

Chicago Cocktails: How to Make Big Star's High Time Manhattan

In some ways, the High Time Manhattan has no business being a Big Star cocktail. Ben Fasman, the whiskey-wise bar manager who created it, will freely cop to as much. Big Star, you see, draws inspiration from the shot-and-a-beer honky-tonks that grew up around the Bakersfield Sound of late-1930s California. Tacos fill the menu, and $1 suds issue from the taps. The High Time Manhattan, on the other hand—with near-equal parts Amaro Averna, from Sicily, and Carpano Antica Formula red vermouth, from Turinmdash;sounds far more spaghetti than western. More

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