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Scoop the Book: Bi-Rite Creamery's Buttermilk Ice Cream

Hidden among the sexier-sounding flavors in Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones, you'll find this demure buttermilk ice cream. You'll probably skip over it on the way to salted caramel indulgences and playful almond fudge ripples. But you should come back, really, because buttermilk ice cream is just plain smart. It's bright and twangy, and as you start making pies and cobblers with every fruit that comes your way, it's the ice cream that you want plopped on top. More

Scoop the Book: Bi-Rite Creamery's Smooth and Mellow Chocolate Ice Cream

Every dessert maker should have a solid chocolate ice cream in their arsenal. Really, two: a crazy dark one, and a milder, milkier one. This recipe falls decidedly into the latter category, and it may be the best version of a milk chocolate ice cream that I've ever had. It's definitely chocolate-forward, and plenty rich, but it really lets the milkiness of lower cocoa chocolates shine. Should you want to branch out to peanut butter chocolate swirls, rocky roads, or chocolate brownie chunk ice creams, this should be your base. More

Scoop the Book: Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones from Bi-Rite Creamery

Even though it was years ago, I remember my first bite of San Francisco's Bi-Rite ice cream. It was salted caramel, of course, and it was more than a little transcendent. "This is what American ice cream should taste like," I thought. Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones is a beautiful guide to the world of American ice cream. This week we'll be churning up some of Bi-Rite's most loved flavors and giving away five copies of the cookbook. More

6 Ice Cream Sundaes We Love in San Francisco

San Francisco has become quite the town for ice cream, despite hot days being a rarity. Rather than finding this incongruous, we think it's a sign of the city's true dedication to its frozen treats. With that in mind, we set out to find the best ice cream sundaes San Francisco had to offer, armed with little but our love of dairy and a hefty supply of Lactaid. More

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