'Bethlehem' on Serious Eats

A Tour of the Granola Factory in Bethlehem, PA

Walk into the Granola Factory and it smells like a bakery with oatmeal cookies in the oven—since, let's be honest, granola is somewhere between cereal and cookies, probably closer to cookies. We went on a tour of the granola-making enterprise, which started in the Virgilio family's B&B kitchen around the corner at the quaint Bethlehem Inn. More

In Videos: Mott's Applesauce Attacks John McCain

While in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania last week, John McCain roamed a supermarket, only to have a shelf of Mott's applesauce tumble over his feet. He was interrupted by the applesauce avalanche while trying to make sense of some mandarin oranges packaging. Watch the video after the jump.... More

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