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3 Colorful Bellinis To Make for Mother's Day

Now, if your mom is like my mom, then she loves nothing more than a fruity, sparkling cocktail to go along with that meal and celebrate her day. My mom's guilty pleasure is Riunite Lambrusco and Sprite on ice (so nice!), but don't tell her I told you. Since seasonal fruit is just starting to make its way into the picture again, the Bellini is an ideal beverage option. Here are three variations we love. More

Serious Entertaining: Bellini Bar

Bellinis are fun to say, easy to prepare, and gorgeous to serve. Best for daytime sipping and hot weather, a Bellini bar is the perfect way to let your guests customize their drinks while you save some cash. Here's how to set up your own, with recipes for white peach, strawberry, and raspberry purées. More

Strawberry Purée

If you have a Vitamix-style professional blender, you won't need to strain because the blender is so powerful. If you're like me and sad because you don't have a powerful blender, you'll have to push the mixture through a small... More

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