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Crazy Legs Conti Eats Michael Phelps' Breakfast in Under Five Minutes

Trying to eat like Michael Phelps without doing the rigorous exercise to burn it off is not a pretty sight. But that doesn't stop people from trying. Competitive eater Crazy Legs Conti doesn't just try to eat Phelps' breakfast of three pancakes, three french toasts, three fried egg sandwiches, a bowl of grits, an omelet, and two cups of coffee without retching, but tries to do it in under five minutes. Although shirtless and clad in a swim cap and goggles, Conti doesn't look anything like Phelps, but he does eat his breakfast. And even though Conti doesn't puke, I just might. Watch the video after the jump. I swear this is the last Michael Phelpsian Gorge-A-Thon Challenge I'll... More

In Videos: Fat Guy Nation's 12,000 Calorie Michael Phelps Challenge

As a testament to the great power of man's curiosity and stupidity, people keep trying to match Michael Phelps' nauseatingly high calorie intake despite that such a diet is unfit for average human beings. But what if they're not average? What if they're a bunch of really fat guys? A bunch of really fat guys who don't just eat the Olympian-sized meal, but follow up the gorging with a race against a collegiate swim team member? You don't really have to watch the video to know who wins, but thanks to Fat Guy Nation, you can watch the horror unfold. From the first bite of chocolate sauce-drowned waffles to the final labored pushed to the edge of the swimming... More

Blogger Tries to Eat Like Michael Phelps

If you can't swim like Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, what makes you think you can eat like him? Jon Henley of The Guardian attempts to eat Michael Phelps' breakfast and lunch on video and inevitably fails. It's no wonder considering what he tries to eat: A small (rather than gargantuan) portion of porridge; half a doorstep-sized sandwich made of white bread and butter and containing a fried egg, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise (Phelps hoovers up three); half a five-egg omelette; one slice of French toast (out of three); and two choc-chip pancakes (out of three). Plus two cups of coffee. Henley does put in a good effort—until he gets that, "I'm going to throw up," look on his... More

Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson in Butter Form: Go USA!

16-year old U.S. Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson has a lot to be proud about having just won the silver medal in the women's gymnastics individual all-around competition. But before then, she already had a nearly just as important accomplishment on her list: being made into a life-sized butter sculpture. Butter Shawn Johnson will be on display at the Iowa State Fair in the Agriculture Building until this Sunday, the 17th. [via Neatorama]... More

Daily Calorie Consumptions of Beijing Olympians

The New York Times has a slideshow profiling six Olympians and their physical stats, most including daily calorie consumptions. Weightlifter Cheryl Haworth is at the low end with 3,000 to 4,000 calories a day, while rower Brett Newlin shoots for 6,000 calories a day. Related: What Does Michael Phelps Eat for Breakfast? More Stuff Than You Eat All Day... More

Jeffrey Steingarten's Beijing Restaurant Guide

As the Beijing Olympics enter their first full week, we thought we'd let you know that our friend Jeffrey Steingarten, writing in Vogue magazine, gives a list of his 18 favorite Beijing restaurants. He also wants you to know that when noted Chinese food expert Fuchsia Dunlop went to the Chinese capital on a recent trip, she took one of his recommendations, went to a restaurant even she had never been to, and said it was one of the best restaurant meals she had ever had in the city. That restaurant is: Tiandi Yijia Chang Pu He Garden, 140 Nanchizi Street On the eastern side of the Forbidden City Dongcheng district 天地一家:东城区南池子大街140号 +86-10-8511-5556 or 8511-5557 If you want the guide,... More

Beijing Olympics Drinking Game

Alcohol poisoning awaits if you follow Radar's alcoholic's guide to the Summer Olympics. Highlights: Take a sip when a TV announcer: Refers to China's "rising middle class"Makes note of the fact that the Chinese people eat all sorts of crazy things, including dog leg, donkey meat, scorpion kebab, and yak penis, ostensibly as way to show that Chinese culture is different than ours, but really just to use the phrase "yak penis" Take a gulp when: Bob Costas, sotto voce, informs us that an athlete has "prepared his whole life for just this one moment"An announcer utters, "Everyone in the stadium was a winner today" (Or its inverse, "There are no losers here.") Related: Get Over It: There's a... More

No Dog on the Menu in Beijing

Go-to Chinese food expert Fuchsia Dunlop reported in the New York Times today on how dog meat will be taken off Beijing menus at the government's insistence, so as not to offend Western sensibilities. She points out that it was hardly a necessary step, as dog is largely a seasonal thing—it's one of the hottest of "hot" meats, according to Chinese folk dietetics and is "best eaten in midwinter, when you need warmth and vital energy." Furthermore, she says that Chinese attitudes toward the dish are changing as more people there are keeping dogs as pets. Related Former Next Top Model Elyse Sewell Eats Dog Stew in Seoul Talking with Fuchsia Dunlop Fuchsia Dunlop, General Tso, and Me... More

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