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For folks outside of New Orleans, the square, fried fritters which are covered (perhaps buried) in powdered sugar are probably most closely associated with the French Quarter's famed Cafe Du Monde, a coffee shop established back in 1862. More

First Look: New Orleans Po Boy Shop in Dupont Circle, D.C.

The New Orleans Po Boy Shop is now open in Dupont Circle. If you don't have the time to fly down to Louisiana, New Orleans native and owner Cam McNair and manager Justin Snyder have you covered. True to its name, the Po Boy Shop offers 15 different po boys, including staples like roast beef with debris gravy, fried shrimp or oyster, and an andouille sausage. Like McNair, most of the ingredients are trucked in from New Orleans. More

Wake and Bake: Baked Beignets with Chicory Coffee Sauce

First things first. Beignets are a deep fried yeast pastry best known for their popularity in the Big Easy. As you can read from the title, these, then, are not beignets. Indeed, I am fully aware that even calling this pastry "baked beignets" puts me at risk of being attacked from all sides by angry beignet-lovers who would probably like to drop me into a bubbling deep fryer and say, "Now that's closer to a beignet." More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 136: Can There Be a Po'Boy Diet?

We're headed all over the country for the book, but I feel compelled to tell you about our day in New Orleans on Tuesday, not because I'm looking for excuses, but just so you'll know what I am up against in my Serious Diet. We had a very specific eating agenda in New Orleans that day: to fully explore New Orleans' po'boy culture. Which means we ended up eating 23 sandwiches. More

Cook the Book: Beignets

When I first visited New Orleans several years ago, I was a strict vegetarian. That meant I missed out on almost all the city's iconic culinary offerings—gumbo, po'boys, even red beans and rice. But not beignets. Light, sweet, and incredibly messy from the heavy dusting of powdered sugar they were finished with, they were entirely memorable. With the help of John Besh's beignet recipe, I stroll down memory lane. More

La Chandeleur Et Crêpes

Bea of La Tartine Gourmand has a beautiful recipe for buckwheat herb galettes and mixed salad and a story about a festival that sounds right up my alley: "Earlier this month, I was reminded, once more too late, that on February 2nd, we celebrated la chandeleur. I wonder how comes that I simply can forget since it happens every year. In France, this originally Catholic festivity calls for cooks to prepare crêpes and beignets (doughnuts). Indeed, on the day of la chandeleur, the customs is to eat crêpes !"... More

Wafu Beignets

If you enjoyed Roadfood Roundup: Doughnuts and have the means to deep-fry at home, you might want to try making Nordljus' Wafu Beignets—oh how I love the idea of twenty small freshly-made cream-filled sesame-coated doughnuts, made just for me. Keiko also makes them with azuki red bean paste inside or with raspberry jam filling and a cinnamon sugar coating for her boyfriend, so tweak the recipe as you will.... More

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