'Behind the Scenes with an L.A. Food Trucker' on Serious Eats

Behind the Scenes with a Food Trucker: Mobile Kitchen Cookery

I have to admit, though. Before launching The Manila Machine, I had some misconceptions about cooking in a mobile kitchen. I imagined having multiple burners on to reduce my adobo sauces. I assumed that I'd be able to deep-fry anything to my heart's content. I even pictured myself browning and finishing chicken thighs underneath a salamander. And then... More

Behind the Scenes with an L.A. Food Trucker: Manila Machine Filipino Food

I won't say there are no great Filipino restaurants here in the United States (there are) but they are few and far between. Even in Los Angeles of all places. Over the past few years, I've been attempting to unlock some of these mysteries by researching and writing about Filipino food on my blog, Burnt Lumpia. But in order to bring a greater awareness and appreciation of Filipino cuisine to the rest of the world, or at least to Southern California, I had to actually start a food truck. More

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