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'Breakfast Grilled Cheese' from Mike and Patty's in Boston

Carey Jones 2 comments

I've never had anything on the menu at Mike and Patty's that I haven't loved—and I've had just about everything on the menu. But what I really appreciate is that they do the simplest things so right, like this Breakfast Grilled Cheese—essentially a fried egg suspended in a grilled cheese sandwich. More

Mike and Patty's in Boston: Serious Breakfast (and Sandwiches) from a Seriously Tiny Kitchen

Carey Jones 7 comments

There are neighborhood cafés, and then there are neighborhood classics. The kind of local favorites where the staff gets to know your name, and you theirs. Where even though lines snake out the door, every regular considers the place his own unique find. And where the food is both honest and memorable, worth going back to—and not just because it’s around the corner. These institutions often take years to evolve. But Mike and Patty’s, opened eight months ago on a quiet corner in Boston’s Bay Village neighborhood, seems pretty close already. Its storefront may be tiny—an open kitchen behind the counter, one high table for a friendly six, and hardly enough room to turn around. What Mike and Patty’s... More

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