'Barry Foy' on Serious Eats

Weekend Book Giveaway: 'The Devil's Food Dictionary'

For this weekend's book giveaway we've got one of my favorite food-related books released this year, The Devil's Food Dictionary by Barry Foy. Described by Foy as "a pioneering culinary reference work consisting entirely of lies," it's a wry take on food that is equal parts pure nonsense, good clean fun, and sharp send-up of foodie pretension. I've blogged about the pizza and burger items in this gem but have enjoyed many more entries since. Example: farmers market: An open-air, producer-run food outlet whose minimal infrastructure, absence of middlemen, and other cost-cutting measures make it possible for vendors to charge higher prices than in supermarkets. Or: cake: A leavened, baked confection whose discovery made icing possible. Early cakes had a... More

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