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8 Great NYC Haute Dogs Worth The Extra Dough

We've seen our fair share of fancified hot dogs in this city, and frankly a lot of them feature overwrought, baroque toppings with underwhelming sausages. But a few stand apart as well thought-out creations that do right by the noble tubesteak. Which dogs (and dog-like objects) live up to the hype (and are worth the extra cash)? We rounded up some of our favorites. More

10 Cauliflower Dishes We Love in NYC

There's probably nothing duller than steamed cauliflower—which is why cauliflower in just about any other form gets us so excited. Roasted or fried, it turns crisp-tender with irresistible nutty brown bits. Blended with cream or butter, it becomes rich and silken, a decadent soup or purée. And that's just scratching the surface. We've had excellent cauliflower dishes in New York from chefs of all culinary persuasions. Here are ten of our favorites. What's your favorite cauliflower preparation? More

Weekend Plans: Breakfast at Bark

[Photo: Carey Jones] The only bad thing about "breakfast" at haute hot dog shop Bark in Park Slope? That it's only served on Saturday and Sunday. This chorizo sandwich ($8), the housemade sausage crispy-edged and plenty juicy, is served... More

Hot Dog of the Week: Bark

To some hardcore hot doggers the very concept of a $7 eco-friendly gourmet hot dog is offensive. But unlike other "high-end" hot dog purveyors, Bark in Brooklyn has done their homework, and kill it with the food. Absolutely stunning, perfectly prepared, lard-basted Hartmanns wieners are served on lightly toasted top split buns (which have a crunchy outside but a soft middle). They almost look too good to eat. More

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