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Chicago: Tony Mantuano Gets Serious About Pizza at Bar Toma

With a location steps from the Magnificent Mile and across the street from Water Tower, Chef Tony Mantuano's Bar Toma would be doing extraordinarily well based on his star power and the location, even if the restaurant served frozen dinners. Fortunately, Mantuano did not rest on his laurels, delivering some seriously delicious pizzas that should have locals fighting tourists for tables. More

Put an Egg on It: Dishes We Love in Chicago with Eggs on Them

Put an Egg on It was born out of a very simple question: do all foods taste better with an egg on them? As far as savory courses are concerned, the answer seems to be almost a definite yes. (Very unscientific calculations were in the 99 percent range.) It doesn't matter if the egg is fried, poached, or cooked in a thousand dollar sous vide machine, that plump yolk—which should slowly erupt like molten lava—improves just about everything it touches. More

Sugar Rush: Mamalucchi from Bar Toma

Much has been made of the gelato from Tony Mantuano's recently-opened Bar Toma and for good reason. But don't let the rainbow of 14 flavors keep you from ordering a second dessert: the mamalucchi. These lemon curd-filled puffs have all the soft crunch of a properly-cooked zeppole, but the tang of citrus keeps it from tasting too doughy. More

10 New Chicago Restaurants We Loved in 2011

It was hard to keep track of every single restaurant opening of 2011. In fact, some of these places feel like such institutions, it's kind of amazing that they only opened this year. While there are undoubtedly restaurants that I unfairly left off the list, here are the ones that I couldn't wait to get back to. More

First Look: Bar Toma

Tony Mantuano's Bar Toma opens today in the Gold Coast. But don't let the "bar" in the title confuse you; this place is massive, feeling like every bar experience Mantuano loved in Italy jammed into one space. He did, after all, write a book on the subject. In fact, there are numerous different bars here, including an espresso bar, mozzarella bar, pizza bar, and a regular bar with cocktails and wine. More

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