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10 Terrific Tofu Dishes in Seattle

Go to a variety of Asian restaurants, as I do in Seattle, and you'll discover tons of ways to try tofu. Chefs top it with exotic ingredients, drop it in hot pots, and even fry it to put on sandwiches. The texture lends itself well to experimentation, and it is a sponge in absorbing flavors. Here are ten terrific tofu dishes, Asian-style, that you can try in the Seattle area. More

8 Best Sichuanese Restaurants in Seattle

The Seattle area has a number of Sichuanese restaurants, with good overall quality and some stellar dishes. At these restaurants, you'll find more adventurous menu options, including the pickled and peppered preparations typical of the Sichuan region—especially some fiery ma la (numbing and spicy) dishes that come with bright red colors. Most of these places are on the Eastside, but when I'm in the mood for something spicy, I don't mind crossing Lake Washington. More

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