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Good Bread: East River Bread's Bagels at Smorgasburg

New York Andrew Coe 5 comments

The re-opening of Smorgasburg has brought a dizzying array of new vendors selling food products you didn't know you wanted: Teriyaki balls! Chicken burgers! Bite-size cheesecakes! Amid them all, it's great to discover a vendor offering something that we really need: great bagels made by a top-flight baker. More

A Sandwich a Day: Reuben Bagel at Murray's Bagels Chelsea

New York Max Falkowitz Post a comment

If you have sour expectations about overstuffed bagel sandwiches, this might just change your mind. More

The Hunt for the Best Bagel in Chicago

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 13 comments

If someone would have asked me last year about the best bagel in Chicago, I would have shrugged my shoulders and pleaded ignorance. But we are in something of a bagel boom and it's time to take stock. So, does Chicago actually have some bagels worth celebrating? More

Jewish Food to Take Over Chicago (Hopefully)

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

While devouring the largest, lightest, and airiest matzoh ball I've ever faced at Au Cheval last night, it finally dawned on me that Chicago is in the midst of something of a Jewish food wave. More

Crazy Bagel Flavors at The Bagel Store in Williamsburg

New York Rebecca Simon 4 comments

You may remember when we tried The Bagel Store's bacon, egg and cheese bagel. But this Williamsburg bagel joint specializes in several other crazy bagel subspecies, so we went back for more. More

A Sandwich a Day: Roasted Turkey Breast & Cheddar on a Pretzel Salt Bagel from NYC Bagel Deli

Chicago Joe Roy Post a comment

The Roasted Turkey Breast & Cheddar on a Pretzel Salt Bagel ($8.95) is exactly what it sounds like, with green leafy lettuce, thinly sliced tomato, and red onion rings to round out the sandwich. The fillings worked well together: the high-piled turkey was mild and moist, the cheddar was sharp and creamy, and the vegetables added just the right amount of freshness to the sandwich. The star, though, was the pretzel salt bagel, which highlighted the best features of its namesakes. More

How We Started a Bagel Company in San Francisco, Part 4

David Kover 3 comments

Almost as soon as we started selling bagels, we found we were due for an equipment upgrade. In order to make enough bagels to meet demand, we desperately needed a new oven. It was time to go shopping for a new bagel oven. More

How We Started a Bagel Company in San Francisco, Part 3

David Kover 8 comments

With our bagel recipe fine-tuned, and our production process scaled up to commercial quantities, it came time for Schmendricks to face our customers. And, really, to see if we had any customers. Turns out we did—a lot of them. More

How We Started a Bagel Company in San Francisco, Part 2

David Kover 7 comments

When we discovered that one of our San Francisco contributors had started a bagel company, we immediately asked him to tell us all about it. Last week, he described the process of developing their bagel recipe. This week, he talks about—gulp!—actually taking the leap to starting a bona fide business. A stainless steel commercial kitchen, "breast implant" bagels, and more. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Seahog at Bagel on Damen

Chicago Michell Eloy 2 comments

Co-created by Dion Antic, the man who brought Chicago the breakfast hot-spot, Toast, Bagel on Damen is a no-frills morning meal destination that puts some interesting spins on the traditional bagel sandwich. More

How We Started a Bagel Company in San Francisco, Part 1

David Kover 20 comments

Normally, you find David Kover writing about burgers, pizza, and cocktails around here. Little did we know, he's been busy starting a bagel company with his wife and two friends. Could four schmos with little baking experience figure out how to make really good bagels? In San Francisco? In this new series, David will give us a peek into the world of starting a food business. More

We Try Dunkin' Donuts New 'Artisanal' Bagels

Lauren Rothman 37 comments

When we heard that Dunkin' Donuts had changed their bagel formula and rebranded the product as "artisanal," we were keen to try them and see if maybe, just maybe, they'd be a cut above the bagels they used to bake up, and better than chain bagel competitors. More

A Sandwich A Day: Bagel Sandwiches at Olde Brooklyn Bagel Shoppe

New York Carey Jones 1 comment

Everything's done right: the egg flat and set but just a little soft in the very middle; the bacon thick, crisp-edged but still chewy; the cheese melted between bagel and egg. More

A Sandwich a Day: Chicken Salad at Mustard Seed Cafe in Los Angeles

A Sandwich a Day Katie Robbins 2 comments

Mustard Seed Cafe, with prime corner real estate in Los Angeles' busy Los Feliz neighborhood, is that prototypical go-to spot. It's got a solid menu of slightly elevated diner eats, a smattering of outdoor tables, and good speedy take-out for that lunchtime emergency. The food may not be revelatory, but it's reliable, comforting, and easy—part of my regular rotation. Perhaps best of all, this chicken salad sandwich is served on what for L.A. is not a bad onion bagel. More

South Portland, ME: Great Bagels from Scratch Baking Co.

Hub Grub Liz Bomze 6 comments

Scratch bagels are chewy, with an airy crumb, dark brown, crackly crust, and distinctly ripe and tangy flavor from the sourdough starter that bakery co-owner Allison Reid uses to make them. More

Poll: Do You Do Pizza Bagels?

Slice Adam Kuban 11 comments

As I said last week when I mentioned the things, I think we've all probably made a pizza bagel at some time in our lives. Right? I characterized this hybrid as a teen-ager's after-school snack ... but ... maybe I was too hasty? What about it, Slice'rs: Do you do pizza bagels? » More

Daily Slice: Ess-a-Bagel's Pizza Bagel, Midtown East

Slice Adam Kuban 7 comments

You probably remember pizza bagels from your youth. I know I do. Slap some canned pizza sauce on a bagel half, grate some mozzarella over it, shake a little Parmesan and oregano on it (if you're gettin' fancy), and nuke it in the radar range. Hear that beep? Your after-school snack is ready. More

Homemade Bagels, à la Jo Goldenberg

Serious Eats Adam Kuban 88 comments

[Photographs: Adam Kuban] This is my go-to recipe for homemade bagels. It's adapted from Bernard Clayton's Complete Book of Breads. Clayton, in turn, got the recipe from the folks at the now-defunct Jo Goldenberg's, the famous Jewish restaurant and delicatessen... More

How to Make Bagels at Home

Adam Kuban 53 comments

I don't use the word magical lightly, but there really is something wondrous about making bagels at home. Maybe it's the shape. I think most everyone understands a loaf of bread, but the round shape with a hole ... well, it seems like a whole lot more work than simply plopping some dough in a loaf pan. But it's not. Really. Try making just one batch of these, and I'm sure you'll have the process down pat. Put on your sorcerer's robe and follow along! More

A Sandwich A Day: Daughters' Delight at Russ and Daughters

New York Hannah Smith-Drelich 1 comment

I couldn't take my eyes off my own Gaspe Nova salmon, which the man at the counter had fastidiously sliced in petal-thin layers for my Daughters' Delight ($15.45) sandwich. More

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