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Behind the Scenes: Making Lockwood's Baconfest-Winning Slow-Poached Egg with Bacon Hash

Chicago Roger Kamholz Post a comment

Between the richness of the egg, the smokiness of the bacon (in both the hash and dashi), and the savory influence of the Japanese ingredients, this dish is concentrated, comforting, and surely deserving of praise from even the most discerning bacon enthusiast More

100 Reasons to Buy Tickets to Baconfest 2012

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

When it comes to Baconfest—the annual conference where people gather together to eat loads of, um, bacon—the advertising basically takes care of itself. Mention bacon and watch the tickets sell. But as we've explored for the past few years, Baconfest hasn't simply rested on its cured pork laurels. More

Baconfest Chicago 2011: Bigger, Better and Baconier Than Ever

Chicago Daniel Zemans 7 comments

As good as the previous two events were, this year's Baconfest made both of them seem like child's play. Baconfest Chicago 2011 was a ridiculously over-the-top pig belly playground. Bacon-stuffed-bacon, bacon banh mi, maple bacon cotton candy, and more. More

Baconfest 2010: Pig Belly Paradise in Chicago

Chicago Daniel Zemans 6 comments

When tickets went on sale in March for last Saturday's Baconfest Chicago, all 600 tickets (300 to each session) sold out in 10 minutes, and thousands of eager eaters were left salivating in hopes of more space opening up. The bacon-loving world is so strong that 24 of Chicago's top chefs donated their time and food to the event simply because they loved the idea and wanted to share their bacon creations with a wildly appreciative group of eaters. Adding to the fun were a wide collection of entrepreneurs, some of whom have no background in food, who have poured the hearts and dollars into creating bacon-themed products. Here's my recap of the event and a description of every dish served. More

Baconfest: An Ode to Pig Belly in Chicago

Daniel Zemans 2 comments

"If any attendees walked out of Baconfest disappointed, 100% of the blame falls on their defective palates." Inside-out pig in a blanket from David Burke's Primehouse. [Photographs: Daniel Zemans] You never know when inspiration is going to hit. For Michael Griggs and Andre Pluess, it came early this year after seeing the Neo-Futurists perform Beer, a puppet-filled musical about the visions of a ten-year-old boy who gets drunk after sneaking into a brewery. The play left Michael and Andre wondering what they loved as much as the playwright loved beer. Before long, they had their muse: Bacon. Once that realization hit, the wheels started turning and they decided to plan a huge tribute to bacon. Late that night, they called... More

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